Lonzo's Bread (Culver City)

Fantastic Peruvian ceviche with a terrific leche de tigre, as well as the mango ceviche with shrimp was both vibrant and refreshingly briny.

Pairs perfectly with a warm French baguette straight out of the oven.

Cool little neighborhood spot.

Lonzo’s Bread
10804 Washington Blvd
Culver City

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Sounds great!

So many places - which are often not Central or South American - miss this. I’ve had so many bad “ceviches” which were really just leftover cubed sashimi scraps (still raw) with a squeeze of citrus and a sprig of cilantro.

I had the mango ceviche a while back for lunch and it was fresh and tasty. The one thing that I found odd were the mussels they seemed to be previously frozen and had a bit of chew to them, they were ok but seemed to be added for appearance sake. owner is super friendly and nice.

The lomo saltado actually looked really tasty too, as the lady next to me got that. The one thing I did find funny was they didn’t seem to have a lot of bread or baked items (maybe they sold out?), but it is called lonzos bread lol

Most definitely frozen.

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Just tried the ceviche mixto–can’t believe I haven’t gone to this place more. One of the best ceviches I’ve ever had. Amazing textures, right amount of spice. Wow.

Lavar Ball’s attorneys will be calling in 3… 2… 1…

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If he was this good the lakers would be winning

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