Looking for a few Reno dinners

This is a question that’s probably best answered by a local ( @catholiver ?) but of course anyone is welcome to chime in. I’ll be in town for business and expect to have time for a few solo dinners – I’ll have a car.

Any recommendations for comfort food, a Frenchy bistro, Chinese, and (hopefully) BBQ? I love a good slow-smoked brisket, and ISTR there was an Oakland-style BBQ place in town. Is it still there? Open to any other suggestions as well. I’ve looked over recent postings BTW.


I’ll get back to you tomorrow. But where are you going to be?

Downtown, but I can drive anywhere.

Downtown/Midtown is where we go but you can get pretty much any place in Reno in about 20 minutes :slight_smile:

We’ve been fans of chef/restaurateur Mark Estee for some years now. He pretty much drove the farm to table, eat local scene. His Liberty Food and Wine Exchange never disappoints. http://libertyfoodandwine.com/ If he happens to be there please tell him Catherine said hey.

While Chinese food isn’t Reno’s strong point, a new place is getting good talk. I’m embarrassed to admit that we haven’t made it there yet. https://kwoksbistro.com/

For French there’s Beaujolais Bistro. We haven’t eaten there in some time but it was super and supposedly still is. https://beaujolaisbistro.com/

Brothers BBQ. Liked it a lot. http://bbqreno.com/menu/

You see I’ve recommended Centro and Noble Pie. Across the street from NP is Midtown Eats, another really popular spot. http://www.midtowneatsreno.com/ And next door to them is their bar, Death & Taxes http://www.deathandtaxesreno.com/ I just love the glossy black paint and crystal chandeliers :slight_smile:

I’ve made myself hungry now so will take a break and be back later :slight_smile: C

Thanks so much Catherine. All looks good, and I’ll be sure to report back. Liberty looks excellent! Midtown Eats also looks good, but I sure wish restaurants would post their menu prices online.

I’ll definitely try out Liberty, and the Chinese and BBQ places (unless I get dragged to dinner by clients – I never know when that might happen).

As for Beaujolais, perhaps I should’ve asked about a brasserie instead, since that’s the style I’m more interested in. Ever been here? https://www.brasseriesaintjames.com/menu/ Not all that French, but it seems like an interesting menu.

Thanks again!

Brasserie St. James is terrific and also in Midtown.

I loathe places that don’t have prices on the menu. But I don’t remember it as expensive at all.

There’s also Moo Dang for Thai. http://www.thaimoodang.com/menu.html

And 101 Taiwanese. http://101taiwanese.com/

We don’t eat at casinos but I’ve heard that Reserve wine bar at the Grand Sierra Resort has good food. http://images.grandsierraresort.com/image/upload/menus/Reserve-Wine-Bar-Complete-Menu-at-Grand-Sierra-Resort.pdf

Reno has changed enormously. Tesla, Amazon and Apple have all come here and more businesses are arriving all the time. It’s become much younger and hipster-friendly. But they treat us old fogies kindly :slight_smile:

Oh, if you go to Liberty there’s a parking garage right across the street and they validate. And Mark makes so many, many things in-house that you can buy as well as eat there. And it’s a comfortable place for a single to sit at the bar.

When are you coming up? BFN, C

ETA: Ooh, ooh, I forgot Morgan’s Lobster Shack for a real live lobster roll in a split top bun that he has to special order from the source: https://morganslobstershack.com/

Thanks again. Schedule is uncertain right now – probably in a month or so.