Looking for recs in Santa Cruz area


First, my apologies for also cross-posting this in the SF Bay Area forum - I wasn’t sure where it belonged.

My SO and I are staying a few days in Santa Cruz - we already saw the suggestion about the Mongolian dumpling place, so that’s on our list. We’re looking for any other recs, particularly for seafood and clam chowder that are not tourist rip-off places.

Thanks so much in advance. As always, FTC folks are the best!


Pearl of the Ocean (Sri Lankan)
India Joze (Santa Crucian)
H&H oyster bar at the farmers’ market http://www.hhfreshfish.com/markets

The local tradition is not clam chowder but cioppino, and it’s crab season. Duarte’s in Pescadero gets a lot of tourists on the weekends and holidays, but on weeknights it’s full of locals. The famous pie is gross if you’re used to good crust.

Las palmas taco bar . Best bean tostadas
I miss them after moving away . The town where I was born . Say hi to Rick

Reviving an old thread because I’m going to be in the area, figured I’d see if anyone had tried anything else noteworthy in the last couple years.

Looks like we’ll be staying in Aptos and doing a lot of activities in Soquel / the Southeast end of SC, if there’s anything down that way.