Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club Cafe

The Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club is at the Police Academy near Dodger Stadium. The Academy itself is surreal in that it’s a very nice campus, with historic buildings, old growth trees, a playing field, a swimming pool and other facilities. But you can hear gunfire in the background from the firing range, and there are (obviously) lots of uniformed cops around. I had breakfast the other day in the newly re-opened Cafe. They closed it for a couple of years for renovation, and it seems fresher although still not trying to be something it’s not. And the food’s not bad. I had a pretty good huevos rancheros for breakfast. It’s a trip to be sitting next to a bunch of SWAT officers, with gunfire in the background, enjoying coffee and a meal. This might be the safest restaurant in town. I wanted to see it after the renovation, and scheduled a business meeting there. The guy I met later thanked me for introducing him to this part of Los Angeles that he’s never seen.

The menu has kitchy names for the dishes.

Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club Cafe
1855 N. Academy Drive
Elysian Park
(Enter the driveway and try to find parking. If you can’t find parking, park on Academy and walk up the hill, past the guard gate to the Daryl Gates courtyard on the right. The Cafe is at the back of the courtyard down the steps… a little hard to find.)

I see they have a “Chief Beck Burger” … do they still have the “Beck Sandwich”?

Fun little video here:

So this is like the LAPD version of Metro Cafe? :wink:

Doubtful. There are Metro Cafes as far apart as Alaska and Atlanta, with one in Culver City, but I doubt there’s any tofu at the Academy.

More like the LAPD version of Denny’s.

Oh. ::sigh::

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LOL, I thought doughnut stores were the safest place in town when I was a kid; then, I thought it was the Eastside Market Deli. The LA Police Cafe…(face palm)…who woulda thunk?!