Lotus Dim Sum

XLB at Dan Modern are fine, but Din Tai Fung @ Century City isn’t that far away. I agree with you, I wouldn’t normally order XLB from a dim sum restaurant (which Dan Modern is not, they are more of a XLB specialist). Especially in LA where the high end of quality doesn’t match other cities. I usually see them come out in sad little aluminum tins inside the steamer at dim sum places here. It’s not a traditional dim sum item and more to cater to the taste/demands of their diners and less so because it’s a specialty of theirs.


We have one in Century City (as mentioned above). :slight_smile: Sichuan Impression, Gu Yi, and Meizhou Dongpo (based on one visit, but other posters have had good food across multiple visits) are all pretty good, if you’re in the area. Haven’t been to Qin West since it first opened, but maybe I should try it again.

If you’re located in the SGV, though, certainly no reason to drive across town for anything on the westside, I would imagine.

Yes, all the good Westside places have branches in the SGV.

That’s a “no” from me.

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Tried it and found it wanting. I get that Westside rent means higher prices, but this place does not approach the quality of Capital Seafood in Beverly Hills. Most distressingly, our server didn’t understand when I asked for Ti Guan Yin tea. Why would I want tea? They expected me to order something fizzy (and better yet, alcoholic).

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Well that’s alarming to say the least.