Lotus & Light (Burbank) - Vietnamese taste, American price

This place is so good I have to break it out of the SFV thread. It’s in my opinion the best in its class in the 818 - meaning moderately higher class, has an alcohol selection, and costs more.

Everything I’ve had has been authentic (banh mi, com suon, bun), or at least tastes authentic even though it isn’t (Bangkok rolls). I especially appreciate that the banh mi is using OG French rolls and not baguettes. For any complaints about price, I just reflect on the fact that I spent $95 yesterday at Langer’s on 3 sandwiches, 1 fries, and 2 soft drinks.

Pork banh mi and a Kawaba snow weizen is $16 + t/t


You had me at

Yeah I’m gonna be a lunch time regular for that reason.

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