Louisiana Fried Chicken - Who is the Franchise King?

There was a time 6 or 7 years ago when my favorite fried chicken in LA was the Louisiana Fried Chicken on La Brea and Santa Monica. They always fried my order fresh, making the 15 minute wait beyond worth it. Sadly it closed down and I came to the sad realization that the franchise quality varied considerably from location to location.

Just saw the LA times article on this storied franchise and it got me thinking:

I’ve recently moved to south la and encounter Louisiana Fried Chickens on nearly every major street. Any ideas which ones are killing it and which ones I should pass on? I recall having a good experience at one right near the Forum - on Exposition maybe? Are there any that fry to order? I imagine that approach would not fly at the smaller locations. I think part of the appeal of the La Brea location was that they did more Chinese food business than chicken business so a bucket sized order was fried to order.

Anyway, help me out with this one and I promise ya’ll I’ll post an early report on the tasting menu at Vespertine.

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That’s funny - the idea of trading Vespertine info for Louisiana Famous info is what – to me – FTC is all about.


Oh keep us updated with your LFC favorites. My favorite location was also the La Brea/Santa Monica outpost. Tried one of the Pasadena outposts (believe the one on N. Fair Oaks) and found it fine, but not as good. I pass by one on La Cienega at Rodeo frequently. Maybe I should stop in someday soon.

it’s not really a franchisee, its a license which is kind of interesting, like license to sell their recipe of fried chicken within the chinese takeout restuarant.

Yeah, Broaster does it this way as well.

correction some one mentioned it was a license. it is 'franchise accor to article.

many locations:



A license fee is 18g’s, evidently.


Expensive or cheap in your estimation ?

Big picture not bad, but I’m still amazed all those guys paid 18g’s ea to do fried chicken in their chinese fast food shop.

AND continue they just come up with their own recipes ?

The best LFC by far is the one on manchester & normandie. Always packed and fresh. Go on Sunday when the church people are in there and it’s super packed and fresh. If you like LFC you won’t be disappointed.

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Thanks Lu. Not that it means anything but my yelp rating comparison confirms your rec. Looks like the three nearest me are notta-so-good. I think the one I enjoyed previously was the one on Century.

I’ll give those two a look in the next month or so. If I can only stop working my way through the menu at Sachi Teriyaki House (review to come).

And if I were more down with emoji I would have winked after my Vespertine comment. Good and trusting folks on this board…

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