Lulu at UCLA Hammer Museum (Westwood): A Pictorial Essay

Legendary food activist and chef Alice Waters coaxes her long-time Chez Panisse chef David Tanis back into the kitchen for her first venture in Los Angeles at Lulu. UCLA’s Hammer Museum provides an urbane community setting, with welcoming indoor and outdoor seating options galore. The opening day lunch is booked solid, and I was fortunate enough to grab a reservation - Let’s go!!! (COVID-19 vaccination status is verified upon entry for each visitor at The Hammer Museum entryway, including guests at Lulu…)

The farm-to-table elements, pioneered by Chef Waters, resonate throughout the restaurant…

Buddha’s fingers…

“Au Courant”: Amass Riverine Non-Alcoholic Spirit, raspberry/mint shrub, demerara syrup, lime… Beautiful…

Potato chips with rosemary: Very addictive!

Millet muffin: The closest thing to bread service on the lunch menu, the muffin was astoundingly good. Texturally complex, just the right moistness. Huge bite! Pro-tip: Save some of this for your courses downstream…

Black bean soup: Hearty and sincere, served at perfect temperature, perfect for an autumn day…

Mozzarella & prosciutto on focaccia: Really great ingredients, working in harmony. The only quibble here is that the lower piece of my focaccia was somewhat soggy on arrival, thus marring the true potential of the sandwich…

Rosemary’s fruit soda: Apple & ginger are the order of the day, and a touch of spice hits just the right notes with me. I’m impressed with the flavors of these elixirs at Lulu. Kudos to the beverage team. Huge sip! #TheSpiceMustFlow

Beef stew with wild mushrooms and mash: Just splendid. Huge bite! The beef is achingly tender and cozy. Really great execution by the kitchen…

Pair this with the millet muffin, for sure!

Dessert time!!!

Chocolate pavé, with cappuccino: A decadent, delicious coda to the lunch…

Fresh mint tisane: Refreshes the palate!

Service was friendly and amiable. GM Jesse really worked diligently to ensure a great dining experience for the customers during my visit. Tip is included on the final bill.

I foresee a FTC postprandial ping pong tournament upstairs one of these days…

When in such proximity of great art, just a few steps away… #ExperiencingTheActualArtBeatsAnyImmersiveDigitalFormat

One of my favorite Realists… Hint: #PowerCorruption&Lies

Local ingredients and solid preparation - Another wonderful outdoor dining option arrives in L.A., this one with the solid backing of a legend in the food world. I will be back to try Lulu’s dinner menu!


UCLA Hammer Museum
10899 Wilshire Bl.
Los Angeles, CA 90024


Four drinks in one solo meal is pretty impressive. I would have left twice mid meal for potty breaks.


Thanks. I try.


this looks fantastic. is the ping pong table at the restaurant or in the museum?

also how are the prices? for the focaccia sandwich for example

Focaccia is so hot right now

The ping pong is upstairs.

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This is a very esoteric reference but one of my favorite moments in one of my favorite TV shows (Rectify) is when the protagonist is eating a panini in a museum restaurant. He gets invited to sit with a group of older ladies who chatter on about how they’re so over paninis.

He has to play along because he’s never heard of that kind of sandwich since he’d been on death row for almost 20 years. That episode was in 2014 so I guess museums are still using the same playbook.


Focaccia sandwiches are an old Alice Waters thing from the Cafe Fanny menu, and before that something you could get at any bar in Rome and many other parts of Italy.

Don’t tell me, tell the fictional ladies from the episode


how expensive are these prices? looks a bit much I’d assume since it’s Alice waters

The muffin wasn’t free.


Hard pass


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Thanks for the report. I work across the street from the Hammer. Do you know if they have a happy hour?

You’re welcome, Granadafan. I specifically asked GM Jesse about the Lulu bar policy, as their bar looks very inviting.

He said they’ll possibly consider start taking walk-in business soon, once the initial buzz cools down a bit. I didn’t hear anything about Happy Hour, though… Stay tuned!

dinner service starts 6/2. review forthcoming?