Lunch at Dookie Chase

We took a taxi here from the French Quarter, where we were staying. Instead of the buffet, we ordered from the menu. We started with the gumbo, which for me, was the best I had on the trip (my husband thought the Death By Gumbo at R’Evolution was better). Either way, crazy good!

I had the fried chicken. I ordered from the menu instead of the buffet because I like to just eat the skin and doing so at a buffet is like eating the fish without the rice at an all you can eat sushi bar. Or at least I think. The chicken was not at all greasy, delicious and cripsy!

My husband got the red beans and rice that came with fried chicken. He loved it.

I got a side of greens, since I love greens. It was a little mild for my tastes, but when I make mine at home, I load it up with dried chiles, so probably unfair to go on my taste buds.

We got pecan pie for dessert. It was good but looked as if it had gone under a broiler before it came out and some of the pecans were a bit burnt for my tastes.

After lunch, a walk back to the hotel would have been great, but my husband was in his suit for the conference and neither of us had walking shoes on, so they called for a taxi and it came quickly. Another great meal in New Orleans!


Hi @Xochitl -

:heart_eyes: You just posted my “last supper”. I want to take a high dive into that brown gumbo! Shhh… Sometimes I just eat the skin too.

Great report. Short and to the yummy point.

Thank you!

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@Xochitl – VERY smart! You know, I’ve never ordered off the menu when I’ve gone for lunch . . . have to keep that in mind for the next time.

I know right? Good tip.

Glad you both enjoyed the post! For now, I just dream of returning!

No, thank you! I’ve been there. But these Louisiana reports ya’ll have posted these past months have finally convinced my husband we should go. After all, we both have Louisiana all over our family tree.

Thank you FTC!

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Great report.
We (meaning my Louisiana-born partner) always add pepper vinegar to the greens. They don’t always have it on the tables in NOLA but will bring it to you if you ask.

Good tip!! I love that scene in the movie Selena where her boyfriend pulls out a Tapatio salsa out of a belt holster!

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