Lunch ideas for Sunday (btw West LA and Newport Beach)

Will be meeting up w/ cousins and one of the cousin’s new husband for a celebratory lunch this Sunday. Family is in Newport Beach, I’m in West LA. Any ideas on moderately upscale place (no more than $40pp, excluding tax, tip, alcohol) for lunch? One cousin is pregnant, so the usual dietary restrictions apply (but to her only).

Family would prefer to meet halfway, which puts us around Long Beach. I’m not familiar w/ the area. I’m sure the location doesn’t have to be EXACTLY halfway, if you have a good rec. Maybe some place in Westminster (which I’ve never stopped at for a meal)?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Restauration in Long Beach is supposed to be decent.

Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Torrance isn’t that far from Long Beach, so if you’re OK with that, I’d say:

  • Inaba - Awesome Tempura Bar and Handmade Soba (and they have Set Lunches, Sushi Bar as well).
  • Kagura - Crispy Tonkatsu deliciousness. :slight_smile:

Canaan in Artesia/Cerritos.

Or, closer to NB, Newport Tan Cang in (strangely enough) Santa Ana.

Both are open Sunday for lunch.

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Ooh, loving the recs so far. :slight_smile:

LXSO - reservations recommended and ocean view

Bluegold - nice food and ocean view

Amor y Tacos (Cerritos)

MB Post (Redondo Beach)

Restauration (Long Beach)

District Wine (Long Beach)

Panxa Cocina (Long Beach)

Medieval Times (just kidding)


probably closet to the middle would be Suburbia in the southern end of redondo beach by palos verdes. Tin Vuong
restaurant. casual & good

3 belmont shores options-
saint & second
tavern on 2nd
roe seafood

there is also brodard chalet which is about 5 miles south of long beach.

Take a look at Delius in Signal Hill just off the 405. Have had a couple of good meals in the last year.

Thanks all for the recs! Pregnant cousin chose Panxa Cocina (she had a Chinese banquet the night b/f, so I think she had O/D’d on Chinese food).

No pics b/c it was a family function. Black bean dip (not sure if it was complimentary b/c we arrived late) was really well seasoned. Salsas had a decent kick but weren’t what I would consider particularly spicy. Partner’s chicken mole had a distinct chocolate flavor; while Panxa was good, I prefer the less sweet version at Monte Alban. I had the seafood enchiladas. Nicely grilled shrimp, and the sauce (cilantro-based?) + cheese was not overpowering.

Dessert was donut holes. The sauces (vanilla and butterscotch) were unnecessary and not very strongly flavored. Donut holes themselves were fine.

On a side note, the neighborhood surrounding the restaurant is very cute.

All in all, a very pleasant meal and just the right choice for this occasion.

Looking forward to trying the other recs when I’m in the area. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for being steadfast in your support of Amor y Tacos. Love that place! Mole tots can cure so many ills.