Lunch in Pasadena

Anyone have any suggestions for an intimate lunch in Pasadena. Dont know the area at all. Only interested in a place that takes reservations. Much thanks.

The Raymond

Parkway Grill

let us know if you’re thor afterwards

Not sure what you mean by “intimate”.


Granville (newish)

Sushi Kimagure

Bumping this topic. Mom’s coming to town and we’ll be spending a Sunday morning wandering Huntington Gardens. Figure we’ll want lunch around 1:30 but the restaurant at the Langham ends lunch at 2pm so that seems less than ideal and The Raymond isn’t open for lunch at all.

Any ideas? Doesn’t have to be too fancy. But maybe nicer than Pie n Burger which is currently the only thing I’m coming up with.

I have not been in many yrs but…

Julianne’s (San Marino)
Marston’s (Pasadena; wait can be horrifically long)
Green Street Cafe (Pasadena)

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The Arbour

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the tea room at huntington reopens the 24th (closes at 5)

osawa/collette are cutting it very close timewise

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  • New tearoom at The Huntington. Reservations recommended. ~$75
  • Agnes is a lovely
    lunch/brunch on the patio
  • We Olive
  • Superba
  • Pitfire
  • Yang’s Kitchen
  • Jade Court Cafe at The Chinese Garden at The Huntington is quite passable and lovely especially if you sit in the upper area
  • Motto Tea Cafe for Japanese Soufflé Pancakes

If you want to stay really close to the Huntington Gardens, there are a few casual places in San Marino. San Marino Cafe closes at 3 and is cute for outdoor dining; wine by the glass and beer in cans. Apsara Coffee has a lunch menu that includes a few Indonesian dishes; beer on tap, closes at 6. Next door to that is Pizzanista for thin-crust and thick, square pies, closes at 4. In South Pasadena a mile or so down the street, there are a number of options, including Nicole’s (French-ish café and market), Gus’s (Southern-influenced, would be slammed on a Sunday), Mike and Anne’s (American, also extremely popular for weekend brunch); I think those all would still be open during your time frame.


Have you tried? I’m rarely in the area when the place is open, and I’m wondering if it’s worth a special drive out.

No. It’s a nice thing that the owner (from Indonesia) is making the dishes, but I’ve tried them a couple of times and found them to be bland and toned-down. You know, good enough if you live down the street like I do and want something convenient (and if you add lots of Tapatio sauce), but not worth a special trip, sorry to say.

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Ended up going to Settebello which fit the bill perfectly. Good food, easy drive and low key atmosphere after a morning wandering Huntington Gardens.

Tried to get a reservation at the Tea Room but it was booked solid.