Mabel’s BBQ at Palms

Located in the Palms Casino…rests Michael Symon’s BBQ outlet, Mabel’s.

I was excited to see a dino beef rib in Vegas and some praise for the dish from particular food media.

Ordered smoked beef rib, beef brisket, and pork spare ribs along with cole slaw and greens.

Beef Rib - fuckin gigantic rib that must have been about 2 pounds of meat. It had a salty exterior, very juicy and tender and perfectly cooked. There was one major fault in that it was absent any smoke flavor. WTF!!!

Pork Spare Ribs - sweet rub, cooked perfect to my tastes which was not fall off the bone but tender so you can bite into it and leave a perfect bite mark. However, again absent of any smoke flavor. WTF!!!

Beef Brisket - a combination of lean and fatty brisket, it was over cooked yet still together although sliced very thick to “fake” a nice cook. It was super juicy and seasoned well, again absent any smoke flavor. WTF!!!

Slaw and greens were fine, nothing great but good enough to eat.

No smoke burps at all post meal, only a beefy ones. Hard pass unless you like BBQ seasoned roasted meat.

Massive beer selection though.


Thanks for taking one for the team. I was curious about this place, but no more. From what I’ve read, there’s also a speakeasy restaurant somewhere close by.

Too bad it didn’t have smoke flavor, it would have been excellent. Unfortunately for me, that is a key ingredient for great bbq. They claim apple and cherry wood, not the mildest in terms of smoke flavor and in my opinion penetrate meat quite well.

Went there this past weekend and had the brisket and burnt ends and both were a bit dry…

Interestingly, the brisket at Bacchanal Buffet was much better.