Madame Monsieur

Location: Downtown, near 6th x Grand

A small little French sandwich store owned and operated by Parisians. Wanted to eat lunch before MOCA Grand/MOCA Geffen (btw meh I only cared for the Jackson Pollock and Miro paintings).

I tried the Croque Monsieur, Ham and Butter Sandwich, Tomato Soup, and for dessert the Caramel Canele.

Croque: Petite in size, but packs a punch: buttery, cheesy, with a sting of Dijion. Ham and Cheese done right.

Ham and Butter Sandwich: Good size. Great bread, sweet and rich butter, ham, and a few cornichons. Damn this is so good. But really good bread and butter…you can’t go wrong.

Tomato Soup: No cream in this. Paired well with the Croque.

Canele: I could finish like 10 of these. If you like dim sum egg tarts or custard, you will love these. The egg, and vanilla flavors with the caramel filling was perfect. Would be better if it was slightly warmed up.

They also have salads and other petite sandwiches such as turkey, salmon, and tuna.

Also during Perigold Truffle season, they do a truffle sandwich…ahem cough @Chowseeker1999


Oh, that baguette looks marvelous…

Looks delicious. But you didn’t like the Rothko paintings?

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Delicious descriptions


I walked right past those!

Worth some study.