Made it to Ahgassi Gopchang for pork intestine!

Thanks to all the helpful folks on Food Talk Central who directed me to Ahgassi Gopchang! I went and had a great meal! And had plenty of leftovers! Who doesn’t love pork intestine omelette?:grinning:
Went for a late lunch and the place was pretty empty, though it did start to fill up by 3:30.

Besides the pork intestine, we got the beef special, with beef tongue, beef belly and marinated short rib. Everything was excellent! The beef belly was thinly sliced and melt in your mouth!

I accidentally ordered tripe. I didn’t care for it, as it was chewier than I like to eat it. Same with Parks BBQ, whose tripe is even chewier. But that is clearly a personal preference, as many people were enjoying tripe at the other tables.
The marinated short ribs were delicious!

We got two sides with the beef special - one was the seafood soup, which the waiter warned was spicy. For me, it was good, well seasoned, but not hot at all as far as chile spice is concerned.

Also got the eggs, or omelette, which was quite good.

And the pork intestine - ahhhhh, heaven!

I got the slightly more expensive one, which I think, I think, is the fattier one.

Again, thanks for directing me to such delicious goodness!


Hi @Xochitl,

Nice report! :slight_smile: Thanks for your thoughts and pics. We haven’t made it out there yet, but are encouraged by your experience. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Lately, I’ve been enjoying their skirt steak cut, very tender and really beefy.

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went once and had a very forgetful meal, but glad you liked it. Based on how popular this place is, pretty sure I’m in the minority in not like this place.

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I want to go back and try their pork skin! So many interesting cuts on the menu!

Where do you like to go for Korean BBQ?

My trouble is strong-arming friends into going!

Ssam and Park’s is my go to.

Haven’t tried Ssam, but love Parks! Love their ggot sal and tartare! What do you like at Ssam?

I always order their Ssam combo, which gives a decent portion of various cuts of beef and pork as well as jumbo prawns. It’s ideal to share with 4-5 people.

Their naenmyun is also more than decent to finish off the meal and only like $5.

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Also go to Gwang Yang BBQ

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Thanks for tip! Will try! What do you get?

Gwang Yang Bulgogi (Gangnam Style), Kobe Anchangsal (American Kobe Outside Skirt), Yukhwoe

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Also, their steak tartare is a must.

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Went back for lunch this week. Had very good service. Really enjoyed their steamed egg custard.



We got the prime short ribs, which husband loved.


Then we had the intestine. This time, everyone had some with me, which meant less for me.


I tried their tripe fried rice, since I love tripe but thought it was too chewy as bbq last time. The rice was delicious and everyone enjoyed it, but tripe was just as chewy.

IMG_20181011_140534 IMG_20181011_140539

We got the marinated short ribs, which my Aunt preferred, but husband thought un-marinated better. Both excellent.

IMG_20181011_142249_1 IMG_20181011_142416

They offered us a soup on the house, and we choose tofu. It was delicious. It had beef and clams in it. No vegetarians here.


We finished up with the pork jowl. The general feeling was it was sliced too thick, so the pieces remained chewy vs crispy. Wouldn’t get that cut again. They don’t have the beef belly any longer on the menu.

IMG_20181011_143600 IMG_20181011_144023

Maybe two orders of intestine next time…

Got good coffee and ice cream at place next door!

IMG_20181011_151704 IMG_20181011_152813_1