Mai's Kitchen in Little Saigon, Homestyle Viet

Me: " What do you think of Mai’s Kitchen on Bolsa and Magnolia?"

Vietnamese Co-worker: “Good. Nothing too special, just homestyle food.”

Well I didn’t grow up in a Vietnamese household! So really this was a treat for me.
I’m not an expert on Vietnamese food but I like to think I am better than average, there is a world beyond Pho that is undiscovered!

Fresh Coconut Juice, don’t forget to scoop out some of the meat.
Jackfruit Salad, this hit the spot! The flavors from the lime, mint, peanuts, and fried shallots made this come alive.

Ong Choy. Not too garlicky like at Chinese restaurants, but still well cooked.

Carmelized Catfish. Delicious. Just be careful of the little bones. Be sure to scoop that sauce on top of the fish and over the rice.

Catfish soup. Sour from the tamarind, but also slightly sweet. Tomato, pineapple, celery, and herbs add to this very flavorful broth.

Be sure to lookout for the “Family Dinners” on the menu. You pick a protein, veg, and a soup, those 3 items came out to be $24. Only thing better is going over to your Viet friends house for dinner.


Vietnamese Co-worker: “Good. Nothing too special, just homestyle food.”

That was my mom’s take. She didn’t really care for it, but since my mom no longer cooks for me, I bet I’d love it.

The caramelized catfish + sweet/sour catfish soup = quintessential vietnamese homestyle food.

Dong Khan on Bolsa used to serve this style of food - unfortunately I read through Yelp it’s a shadow of it’s former self.


I think their mì quảng is pretty good.

Sometimes it’s just nice to have a reprieve from the bookends of phở bắc and phở Sài Gòn.

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Holy god @JeetKuneBao! That looks like legit home-style cooking. My Mom hasn’t made the catfish in years since my Dad was diagnosed as pre-diabetic…I miss the unctuousness of the braising liquid over rice and the slippery, chewiness of the skin…it’s the one time where I don’t require my fish skin to be crispy. I need to roll over sometime. Thanks for bringing back fond memories for me.


Found this website of home style food recipes. Hopefully this will help me crack the menu.