Majordomo Meat & Fish


Sounds great. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of Kong Thao before.

“Tableside wine service”? As opposed to what?

Wondering the same thing. A wine cellar on wheels? I remember a Vegas restaurant now long gone, with a theatrical Wine Tower, where they would ascend a ladder like climbing El Capitan to get your wine.

It’s called Aureole, and it’s still there, at Mandalay Bay.

Thao Farms veggies are on the menu at Republique. I think they specialize in basil and lettuces.

They grow over 300 different things.

Thanks. The dishes I’ve ordered at Repulique with Thao Farms named on the menu have mostly been salads. I checked online and Republique has a Thao Farms yam and broccoli cauliflower dish on their menu right now.

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I suspect most of the unusual Bounty Bowl items come from them.

Evidently we’re all uncultured plebs. Table side wine service as presented by EMP:

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Makes sense if you have a very old and crumbling cork.

Geranium in Copenhagen did this before EMP

You had their broccoli with the steak.

Farm name wasn’t on the menu. For that matter, neither was the gai lan. Which was the best I’ve had.

Oh, right. I was thinking we had the ribeye.

Any reports? I’m going on Monday after the national championship game. I don’t see any crispy rice dishes on the menu online.

There’s only 2 of us. We might split the prime rib and a bunch of other dishes.

Some very good and some not great dishes. The bings were on point. Butter and honey and beef tartare. Very nicely seasoned with sesame oil forward Korean style tartare. Forgot pictures. Shigoku oysters were perfectly shucked, ice cold and delicious. Avocado tofu very similar execution as LA. Lovely.

Prime rib was good. Smokier than expected but good flavor. Several big pieces of fat and sinew that were not edible. Good creamed spinach and decadent half butter half potato emulsion. Only 2 smallish pieces.

Mafaldine was kind of one note. Umami and savory with scant amount of breadcrumbs. Was missing either spice, acid or both.

Sake list. We had Dewazakura. Paired well. We opted to skip some similar dishes as LA but somehow ended up with a bunch of LA dishes. Sorry some of these pictures suck.


Forgot the most important thing. No Toto


what is this shit? now i can’t ever set foot there