Maker's Common - Berkeley spinoff of Mission Cheese

Now open.

Went last night. You order at the counter, take a number, and they bring you your food. They didn’t have sandwiches yet.

This beet and red onion salad was actually bigger than it looks in this photo, plenty for 3-4 people to share. Really good.

The wheat berry and roasted vegetable salad was also bigger than it looks. The wheat berries are bigger than Israeli couscous. Also really good, celery root was a nice touch.

Charcuterie plate had chorizo, coppa, something that was pork and goat? all excellent.

Cheddar brats with spätzle and sauerkraut, really good, the sauerkraut was fresh and delicate which is pretty rare around here. This was the smallest of the three sizes.

I neglected to get a photo of the the cheese plate (which was pretty much exactly like the ones at Mission Cheese) or the potatoes with raclette.

If we’d realized how big the portions were we would have ordered less, that was really enough food for three. We took home a bunch of leftovers.

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We finally got to Maker’s Common for dinner, which had table service (not sure how lunch service works). The fried chicken might be the new standard in the East Bay (oh, I can’t decide … Homestead’s fried chicken Sunday meals are pretty spectacular). The fried chicken comes in different sized family meals, with corn and garlicky greens, all of which were spot-on. We over-ordered, and also got the mac and cheese (strong cheese presence, as expected from a Mission Cheese spin-off — tasty but did not re-heat well) and the “Ashbrook Gratin” – a cheesy blend of leeks, potatoes, chard and grill chicories. As good as the fried chicken was, the gratin was the star. Of course, it was all so rich that we wanted to pass out, but that didn’t stop us from eating the leftovers the next day.

This is sad news. It was a great place.