Malibu/Santa Monica fish places

Any opinions on Malibu/Santa Monica fish places, like Duke’s, Reel Inn, Neptune’s Net? Probably going to be in that area on Sunday.

Malibu seafood is fine and BYO. Line will probably be long on a Sunday.


Second on Malibu Seafood. I’d avoid Broad Street Oyster.

Thanks very much! I think we’ll go on the early side.

Noted, thank you.

Anything in particular go wrong? I’ve had a couple pretty good experiences there. Maybe aside from the crowd who hangs out at that mall.

And @op, I do like Neptune’s Net but more for the experience than the food.


Thanks! I like experiences.


No problems with the crowd at all, and those who know me KNOW that I don’t mind waiting for food.

For me, the problem with Broad Street was that on my past last two visits (both were at the urging of out-of-town visitors for whom I was playing tour guide) was that the food just wasn’t tasty: No care in its preparation, small portions (for the relatively high price).

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If you do end up at Neptune’s Net, which I like as well, the fresh side is far superior to the fried side - although things can be overcooked. Good hiking up the road at Sandstone Peak the highest point in the Santa Monicas.


Thanks! We might need a hike between brunch and dinner.


Reel Inn is fun. Fried oysters are very good.


I like the look of the menu there.

Bummer! I liked the cioppino, the crudo, and thought the lobster roll was good enough the last couple times. It’s expensive but so is everything in that category in that part of the world. I totally believe there are some inconsistencies in the kitchen, tho, give their general attitude and mystique.


hmmm…ive been there twice and very much liked the lobster roll & fries…whats your complaint?

never mind…saw your comment…not my experience…oh well


Nor mine either after several visits.


Thanks again, all! We ended up at Neptune’s Net, because we got to Reel Inn too early for dinner, and Malibu Seafood was (as threatened) way too crowded. Nice meal, nothing spectacular. Snow crab, oysters, (frozen) mussels, shrimp and clam chowder. Lotta atmosphere, though!


@small_h explored anything else in lala land?

This trip was too short and busy, so no, unfortunately. I got in Saturday afternoon, went to my friend’s birthday party (the reason I came out) that night and the recovery brunch on Sunday. Dinner in Malibu and a jaunt through the Academy Museum on Monday and then back on a plane.