Mapping Topics

Saw a swell feature on hungry onion that allows you to view topics by location on a map.

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Lots of discussion:

Meaning, if you’re in a particular ‘hood you can find topics (restaurants) on FTC associated with that ‘hood?

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Yep, try it out on hungry onion. Zoom into an area and click a topic.

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Just checked it out. Very cool! This feature is especially useful for me as I’m that kind of trekker. My bad, but unless it’s seafood related I rarely make long treks just for food. What usually happens is when we happen to be in a particular ‘hood I go to FTC and look for a place we’ve been meaning to try.

Pretty please @robert and @ipsedixit! Can we have this?

Apparently that plugin is not available for hosted Discourse instances, at least not at the Standard price tier.

Oh well. We can’t have everything.

is this not an open source plugin?

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The only plugins available on this site are those included in the Standard and Business plans.