Mapping Topics

Saw a swell feature on hungry onion that allows you to view topics by location on a map.

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Lots of discussion:

Meaning, if you’re in a particular ‘hood you can find topics (restaurants) on FTC associated with that ‘hood?

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Yep, try it out on hungry onion. Zoom into an area and click a topic.

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Just checked it out. Very cool! This feature is especially useful for me as I’m that kind of trekker. My bad, but unless it’s seafood related I rarely make long treks just for food. What usually happens is when we happen to be in a particular ‘hood I go to FTC and look for a place we’ve been meaning to try.

Pretty please @robert and @ipsedixit! Can we have this?

Apparently that plugin is not available for hosted Discourse instances, at least not at the Standard price tier.

Oh well. We can’t have everything.