March 2017 Weekend Rundown



O Young’s Rock Pot in Gardena.

Lamb Rock Pot (Spice level “Very Spicy”):

Chinese chive & pork dumplings:


Mon Petit Poulet (my 2nd visit)…

Much better than my first visit! Everything was properly delicious - Poulet Leon (with wonderful au jus and figs), haricots verts, mashed potatoes, ratatouille, and hibiscus & honey iced tea.


Wild mushroom and potato tacquito with black beans, raw tomatillo, cheddar and chives from Guerrilla Tacos. Filling was a little bland with hardly any mushroom, but the tortilla was cooked perfectly, crunchy and not too greasy. The black beans and the tomatillo and chive salsa were amazing


Public service announcement:


Shake Shack in Century City. Place is mobbed during the week despite the fact that the path through the construction zone is such a maze that some enterprising person should start a rent-a-mouse operation to guide people to the few open stores and restaurants. However, I figured opening time on Saturday morning would be a cinch, and it was. Unfortunately I couldn’t find my way back out of the shopping center and it took me quite a while to find a worker to show me out.


I literally just read this. And I literally am hurriedly getting ready to depart for Platform.


All gone. :disappointed:

Ack, I’m so sorry, @paranoidgarliclover

Oh, it was so sad. I had found street parking and was rounding the corner to the front of the store. And I saw 2 people at temp tables packing up. I’ve never had her pies, and I don’t know what Nicole looks like, but I assumed she was one of the people packing.

Me: "Are they all gone???"
Her: “Yes, we just sold out. It was crazy. We had people lined up b/f I ever got here.” ::sigh::

An employee (or owner) of Stay came out and said, “Are you already done??? It seems like you just got here.”

Nicole seems very sweet.

Will have to place an order for one her pies to pick up… Was looking for a pick-me-up b/c I tinkered w/ the bread recipe, and it’s not going well. We’ll see what it looks like when I bake it tonight…


Mariscos Chente
Ceviche Tower adorned with sliced Scallops


Summary of our whirlwind trip, including some THE best food I’ve ever had. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! :slight_smile:

Glad to be back in L.A. :slight_smile:


Republique, first time for dinner. $40 for a plate of pasta and mushrooms. I think I’ll stick to picking up bread, pastries, and the occasional sandwich.

It was good, but not $40 good. I wasn’t even paying, yet it still irritated me.


Hi @Bookwich,

Yah that’s my issue with Republique as well: Some very solid dishes, their pastas are very good, but their prices are borderline ridiculous for said pastas.


Like @J_L, this weekend I got down with MPP. My first visit. I also thought it was quite good. I had a similar order (mashed potato / haricot vert) but opted for the thyme sauce. Also tried the olive sauce, which was niiiice. The owner/operators couldn’t have been more friendly. Oh! And that chocolate cake. Man. A must order, I’d say. Hope they do well.

705 Lincoln Blvd
Venice, CA 90291


Had some time before seeing Fun Home at the Ahmanson Theatre, and we’d never tried Baco, and so we went. The space is well-lit and welcoming during the day, and I could see it being energetic and fun at night. Not much of a crowd for lunch. Overall, really enjoyed it there. Looking forward to the Culver City location opening up.

Great, bold flavors and a nice mix of textures

Comforting and hearty without being heavy

Again, really nice combo of flavors and textures

408 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90013


How was fun home? Seeing in a few weeks.

Not the person you directed the question to, but I just saw it this past weekend (@President_Mochi: when were you there???). I knew nothing of the musical b/f going. It was amazing, brilliant, and heartbreaking. I left completely gutted, in the best way possible.

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My wife and I thought it was terrific. I am a big fan of the graphic novel, but my wife had never read it, and she really enjoyed the show. Good music, great cast, funny and poignant.

(Plus, we went to a matinee, and stopped off at Little Jewell so I could get a shrimp po boy on the way home, which was excellent as always. And we’re…back on topic! :slight_smile: )

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The novel was great - glad you all enjoyed it

I concur with the others’ praises. Really enjoyed it. Since you’ve read the novel, I think you may even like it more. My friend had read it, and from the way she talked about the performance afterwards, it seemed like it enhanced the experience.

@paranoidgarliclover - I was at the 2pm matinee on Saturday. I was the one sipping the over-priced rose with a plastic straw.

@BHAppeal - Little Jewell was literally my second choice if we hadn’t gone to Baco.

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