March 2023 Rundown

This is my go-to. So so so good.

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Random updates: I apologize, for I have been remiss in my posting duties.

Shrimp chahan, from Venice Ramen: Excellent wok hei in all the fried rice dishes here. Even more reason to love this place…

Massimo Bottura dinner at Gucci Osteria Beverly Hills: Yes, Sergio did cook this evening. But no, he did not cook any pasta dishes. The veal ode to Damien Hirst was fantastic, though…

Seafood potato salad, from Tonchin LA (Larchmont): One of the best izakaya-style potato salads to be had anywhere in L.A. Sergio (Sugeno-san) was in da house…

Harry’s Berries sighting, from Eataly (Century City)…

Anticucho, from Rosaline (Melrose): I enjoyed their tiradito and anticucho…

Pastel de Nata, from Portugal Imports (Artesia): Just superb…

Brown sugar & beurre crepe, from Crepes Dusigne (Venice, weekends only)… Monsieur Dusigne is one interesting cat. He’s been plying his crepe trade for many years now. I practice speaking my crappy French with him as my crepes are served up. His latest location is weekend mornings at Alana’s Coffee Roasters in Venice - Outstanding classic and not-so-traditional crepes…

Pi Day double baked cherry pie, from Sprouts: Remarkably delicious!

Fried Cod Sando, from Daybird: Terrific sando, but man, was it messy to eat. Fun, though! The potato bun kept slipping due to the copious yuzu tartar. The only thing holding it all together, believe it or not, was the melted slice of cheese lol. Sergio (Chef Mei Lin) indeed in da house. Fries were fire also. Don’t miss this sandwich…


Back for more schellz


Just went this morning. No photos, unfortunately.

The cheese were fantastic, good heat. I liked the red pork the best.

They are priced now at $3.25 out the door.

Edit: Thank you, @robert for moving this post.


First time at Connie and Teds in years. Everything was great. We had a very enjoyable meal. Kids enjoyed all the seafood and even the crispy chicken sandwich was well made (my daughter isn’t a huge seafood fan).

Oysters very cold, perfectly shucked (not 1 piece of shell), briny and delicious. @attran99 the Island Creek were a table favorite. The largest of the bunch in the picture at 1-2pm. The other oysters were Kumiai, Kumamoto and Sweet Petite. $3.50 a pop are a pretty good deal in LA.

Uni with crostini. 5 small to medium lobes. My son ate most of these and said this uni was much better than Ohshima a few weeks back. He wasn’t wrong.

Steamers with butter are one of my wife’s favs and these didn’t disappoint.

Fried clams with bellies. The bellies are a must. $49 for the plate. I was reading previous posts where folks were complaining about the $29 price tag a few years back. Haha. Delicious and we’d get them again in a heartbeat. My son asked for marinara on the side for dipping.

Solid chicken sandwich. Onion rings are nicely fried.

Spinach with bacon always a good choice. First time at Ginger’s ice cream for dessert. It’s been on my radar for a few years after a few FTC recommendations. I concur. Very nice variety of flavors and lots of vegan options. Right up there for us with Salt n Straw.


So glad you had a great time with the fam!

There’s magic in those Island Creeks. Perfect balance of salty sea brine, meaty and creamy.

So impressed that your son has an appreciation for uni!

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I had not been before. I liked it and will go back regularly. Zhengyalov Hatz. Pictured are the only two food items on the menu.


We demolished the holy basil seafood night dinner. Best thing of the night was the curry crab although every thing was very good we had all the seafood dishes plus pad see ew and roast pork. Chef deau said the curry is Indian/Thai inspired since he great up in India. It was not very busy so hopefully word of mouth picks it up more because the food and the pricing are so reasonable and this is drinking food so everything pairs well with some wines or beers. Def worth checking out and he mentioned they are expanding into Atwater and west side so keep a lookout for those places.

Bang bang with Kato bar, best drink program in LA this plus outstanding snacks. Saw caviar influencer @Clayfu enjoying Kato dinner hope it was delicious.

Tried to do a triple bang but Bianco closes kinda early.


Wow. Fried whole belly clams were an inexpensive treat when I was a kid in Rhode Island (although I personally couldn’t stomach them [pun intended] - I was a clam strips only kid). Out of curiosity I looked up the current prices at a few seafood restaurants there and they all say MP.


They are no longer inexpensive even in ipswitch. It’s all Mkt price there too and when we went last year it was around $30 for a large box. We have had Connie and Teds recently… they aren’t as sweet or plump… but what they charge we feel is fair and does come very very close to the experience…


Shoulda said hi!

@NYCtoLA was also there for dinner at another table!



mango kakigori, tonchin honey cream, mint

pretty good. mangos were a bit uneven in ripeness but the honey cream on top was great.


Nok’s Kitchen - Westminster

BBQ mix with sticky rice :heart_eyes: - delicious mix of Lao sausage, chicken thighs and ribeye steak. Would order this again, great variety and the dipping sauce they provide is delicious.

Nam khao (crispy rice salad) - definitely one of the better versions I have had throughout SoCal. Those fried dried chilis were pretty fuckin spicy yet not unpleasant.

Mango with pandan sticky rice :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: - wow, this was fuckin amazing. Nice soft and sweet mango coupled with the warm pandan sticky rice. Incredible pandan dessert!

Churros Don Abel - East Los Angeles

Bolsa chica de churros :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Moo’s Craft BBQ - Lincoln Heights

BBQ platter w/ side burger

Another visit

Pola’s Mariscos - Montclair

Campechana :heart_eyes: - love how they let you season it to taste, and the octopus and shrimp cooked to a tender perfection.

Bafang Dumplings - Chino Hills

Signature noodles - the dumplings and pork chop were standard, however these noodles were pretty tasty.

LAN Noodle - Arcadia

Appetizer combo platter

Signature LAN noodle with wide flat noodle, heat level spicy


Wow I need this in my life


I ate the whole damn thing.


OMG!! I didn’t know that the Moos was selling Chili Burgers now!! :open_mouth:


Had some good ass mini-kabob. Armen joked that I was late and was gonna charge me double. They were out of eggplant caviar which made me sad.

We had the beef shish, chicken thighs, and chicken koobideh. Juicy and well seasoned as always. No photos ate it too quickly.

Holbox is running out of a food truck as someone mentioned and with a limited menu had some tacos and ceviche. Can’t wait for the expansion hopefully it means more menu offerings too. Also had some very tasty menudo from the stall next to chichen itza great for a rainy day. The garifuna belizian ex food truck Saraba opened in the old mo chica space has a very interesting menu.


Will do next time!

My server at Tonchin said no single diner has ever successfully finished off an entire kakigori there…

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I know why, cause they don’t put enough of the topping on so the bottom half is just plain ice.