Massive Burrito

A friend is coming tomorrow and said he wants to get a massive burrito. I would like for it to be good. Where else besides el tepayac and el abajeno?

Pepe’s. Get the Pepe’s burrito.

This place?

Anaya all day every day -

Anaya has a big burrito?

How big are we talking? I would classify Anaya’s burritos as big.

Here’s a crappy yelp pic for reference:

Is a “massive burrito” the same as a “Mission burrito”?

La Azteca Tortilleria - the chile verde burrito with carne asada.

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Has to be on its own plate.

Damn. I don’t think I could finish one of those.

What goes in must comes out

No. This place:

Picture stolen from yelp. This thing is f’n big.


The super burritos at El Atacor in Cypress Park are comically oversized. Not quite sure how to add photos but:

The potato tacos are fun/inhale-able if you don’t want a burrito, and they’re open until like 3 am or something if you want to go after a drink at Footsie’s or w/e

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Ooh,nooooo. A wet burrito. Are “massive” burritos all like that?

no one can finish it.

Thanks. anything else good there? I may get the hard shell tacos. What meat is the best? Al Pastor looks good.

El Tepeyac because they are all about the big burrito.

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Never had hard shell so cant vouch for them. The pastor and chorizo are both very good, I like the pastor best. Other than the burrito I had the normal soft tacos which were very good, but not as good as a great truck. That burrito is what I go for because its just an absurd decadent treat if yoh like mission burritos.

Oh, so they don’t have to be “wet”? That’s good.

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That’s where we usually go. Was going to suggest some place new.

Especially when ‘feeding’ visitors I almost always stick with places I already know I like.