May 2020 Rundown

I’m loving all this #HomakasePorn, and big thanks to those buying sake to go at your favorite places too!!

Joining in on the #LockDownSushi

Sushi Yoshizumi’s new futomaki offering topped with marinated ikura and Hokkaido bafun uni. I actually liked the ones topped with ikura way more.

His baseline Futomaki was arranged differently than the other one (similar ingredients but different mouthfeel and also way they were cut), made it literally into a roll from the inside to out. Kanpyo, marinated shiitake, kyuri, ebi oboro, kurumaebi, anago, a sweet dashitamagoyaki, and cucumbers. Superb.

Wako San Francisco’s $100 Special Omakase. Gorgeous and quite glorious!

The side dishes are equally excellent

Discovered a Chablis 1er cru that paired fantastic with sushi and I bet this one would be a winner with N/Naka’s bento particularly the shellfish items

And finally earlier today for lunch in the car, Sushi Yoshizumi again :sweat_smile:. Washed it down with a cold brew from Peet’s not far away


It’s nice that the nigiri come sauced!

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Yeah when I removed the lid for the sushi platter, the aromas were amazing to say the least! The rolls were not, and madai had no sauce but the natural flavors shined nicely.

I missed kohada in this omakase by about one or two days…


Stopped by Kitchen Mouse in Highland Park.

Picked up a veggie paella, shiitake & ginger soup and some treats.


And how did it all taste? :slight_smile:

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Are those artichoke hearts in the veggie paella?


yes they’re artichoke hearts! A fun protein substitute that totally worked.

Though no socarrat, The paella was delicious and the rice took on a great sweet, caramel flavor.

The ginger bite in the soup was perfect, as were the slices of ginger that seemed to vary in size. I love getting unexpected bursts of flavor that also vary, like a more substantial slice of ginger vs smaller slice.

That brownie was so called for! The rice krispie was pleasant but I’m a tough judge because they’re my favorite treat.


Pistachio gelato, strawberry gelato from Bulgarini, and strawberry ice cream from Antico.
Taste test: Bulgarini strawberry is less intense, sweeter, reminds me of Maeda Ichigo ice cream, Bulgarini’s is more expensive than Antico’s I prefer Antico’s and declare it the winner
Bulgarini’s pistachio is hard to beat though


Wow! You went all out.


My wife and I have been on an ice cream kick, I almost went to Carmela’s to see if they had their strawberry buttermilk which used to be my favorite strawberry ice cream.


Is the strawberry $35 / pint like the pistachio?

The strawberry I believe was $25.

That gelato is peerless.


Imagine telling someone in Italy that a pint of gelato costs $35.


I imagine most Italians have other things on their mind right now, but…


Yeah but they pay like 3 euros for a coke with no ice and no refills. Win some lose some.



But maybe you just don’ know enough Italians? The ones I know are thinking about just a few things ALL the time (and gelato happens to be one of those things).

True, I do not know many (any?) Italians. :slight_smile:

I imagine they’d be so completely horrified by what passes for Italian food in most of America and would probably be okay w/ paying $35/pint for amazing gelato once in awhile, if that’s what it took to get the good stuff… :slight_smile:

On a totally unrelated note, someone on Nextdoor said said she was new to the area and asked for recs for “authentic” Mexican and specifically said “no Tex-Mex.” She got recs for Lares and Don Antonio (which I both love but would never recommend for something looking for “authentic” Mexican), Tocaya (WTF???), and… CASA ESCOBAR in Santa Monica. GROSS!!! The food there borders on inedible.

Thank God some people wrote about Monte Alban, Chichen Itza, and Holbox.

Sorry, had to vent b/c I just saw the thread.


No they wouldn’t. They would never stop cursing America if they knew.

I’m all for gluttony, but $35 for a pint of ice cream is absurd. I paid $26 (with tax and tip) for Antico’s strawberry this past weekend. It was obscenely good, but it’s an embarrassing amount of money to spend on something like that, even if one has the means.