Mee & Greet


Stopped by Mee & Greet the other night for dinner and was super impressed!

The restaurant is located in the old donut shop in the same mini-mall as Kogi at the corner of Overland and Palms. The space is quite nice, with plenty of seating and an open kitchen.

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It was pretty packed on a Monday night, so we sat at the bar. They have wine and beer, including a bunch of really great brews on tap.

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I got an Allagash White.

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The food itself was great. Sort of a fusion of Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Peruvian flavors. We started with the Goi Ga, a Vietnamese chicken salad that reminded me of a cross between bun and Hainan chicken.

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Next up was the turmeric fried chicken, which was fried perfectly and came with a chili sauce that gave a nice kick of heat.

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Finally, we enjoyed the Bo Luc Lac Saltado, which was one of the tastiest takes on lomo saltado I’ve ever tried. This was probably the best dish of the night. The fries, beef, and even the tomato were all cooked perfectly.

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Service was friendly but a little spacey. The guy at the bar forgot to put our order in initially, forgot one of the dishes we ordered when he finally did, then was engrossed with his phone when we wanted to pay.

Still, I cut them some slack because they just opened. And the bottom line is the food was so tasty we’ll be back regardless.


URL for the restaurant (which was surprisingly difficult to find b/c Google kept thinking that I was misspelling something, even after typing “cafe” and “restaurant” and “Los Angeles”):


Place is an early winner. Hope they continue to kick it.
Loved the fried tofu, and Hainan chix too.



A strong opening by the good people who brought you Humble Potato.

Manager Eric thanks us patrons ahead of time for being patient with their menu, as it will evolve into more Singaporean cuisine in the near future (as originally promised).

Will be coming back to try the Happy Hour nasi goreng as well.

And, their “Mad for Garlic” noodles is just laced with crack. Ridiculously good. Tasty alert for @paranoidgarliclover (and Keith Gilabert, too, I suppose).


Dammit – that was the dish they forgot!


Tasty report @Bigmouth!

Thanks @paranoidgarliclover for providing this info. Can we at least get a city or general area folks?


Anyone try their Hainan Chicken?


Done! BTW, @paranoidgarliclover, if you put search terms in quotes (“mee and greet”) Google will limit results to that phrase specifically. It may ask you initially whether you meant something else but should thereafter give you exactly what you’re looking for. I’ve found this little trick to be enormously helpful for all kinds of searches.


3500 Overland #150
LA 90034
Looks like its Palms or maybe Culver City

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@J_L and I tried it last night. We both liked it…very moist flavorful with a good broth and sides Never been to TrumpKim-apore so I cannot comment on how it compares to that. It was missing the green onions that are usually in the ginger sauce and I imagine the rice could be more redolent of chicken broth, but the chicken was delicious.


Well that, plus @Bigmouth’s report, is enough for me to pay a visit. Really like Humble Potato. And, yes, def love garlic noodles, as well. :smiley:


Same dealer that supplies Crustacean?

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It’s in Palms (same mini-mall as Kogi Taqueria & neighbors with n/naka across the street!)

Mee & Greet
3500 Overland Ave. #150
Los Angeles, CA 90034

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You’re sweet. Thanks.


The An Sisters need to fear this noodle.

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Broth was complex, and went very well with the rice. The chicken is tender, and the garnishes are well-executed. On par (and dare I say, a tad better?!) when compared with Chef Johnny Lee’s Side Chick. So yes, a Singaporean-worthy dish.


Nice I’ll add this place to my to-do list.

I am always down for some chicken rice


Yep, chicken and rice of all kinds is my favorite meal. Unless we’re talkin’ lobsta’.


Went tonight. Overall: Very tasty food. Service was a complete shitshow early in the night, got better as it went on. I’ll be back for more of the food…in a couple months when they have their stuff together (note to self: why do you never learn not to try a place during the first week?)

The best dishes we had were the cold noodle salad, which had a nice chew and was very flavorful, the “tofu family,” and the garlic noodles.

The hainan chicken was also excellent; my only complaint is one of the sauces just is not that good. The orange sriracha cream one–it just feels like some hipster shit that I don’t want with my chicken rice.

Fried chicken and lomo saltado were good enough but not worth going out of the way for. Shrimp was the biggest miss of the night.

I’ll be back. A solid start. They know their way around noodles and flavors.


Have to agree with the service shitshow. We got the tumeric wings (great), fried tofu (delicious) but small portion for 9 bucks, and the goi ga, which really wasn’t a goi ga but basically a vinegary noodle dish with very nicely poached chicken.

Solid neighborhood spot still ironing out the kinks.