Meet Qin in Alhambra

Recently got takeout from Meet Qin in Alhambra and thought it was pretty good. I ordered cumin lamb biang-biang noodles, black fungus with cucumber, and red chili oil wonton

The cumin lamb biang-biang noodles were my favorite. Nice toothsome noodle texture that reminded me of a larger papardelle but with a very savory cumin and lamb flavor. Cucumber dish provided a nice crunchy and refreshing contrast. I also liked the red chili oil wontons, tasted fresh and cilantro was nice touch, although not spicy despite the name


warrior: i agree the biang biang noodles and liang cai are pretty good. i thought all three variants of liang pi were not so good.

Loved the Lab Cumin and the (not so) Spicy Wontons

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With this cold weather I’ve been craving wonton soup (again :slight_smile: ). I’ve read good things about Meet Qin Noodle’s wonton with shredded chicken soup and very glad I gave it a try. It was delicious and perfect on this cold night!

About 10 small but very fresh tasting wontons were packed separately from the beautifully fragrant broth. It tasted as good as it smelled; very clean chicken flavor and generous amounts of fresh cilantro and green onion. Another excellent dish from this neighborhood gem!


Better than The Congee, which you previously recommend (and I still have to try).

This place needs more support. It was pretty empty when we went the other day.

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