Melisse's new incarnation steps up to plate and hits a home run

Tried the new and improved, scaled-down Melisse. One thing about making it (much) smaller is everything - including timing - can be controlled. I never had issues with the old Melisse - and enjoyed it thoroughly. But the new one is a home run.

To those who like the fussy, 10+ course tasting menus with wine pairings - this is a prize.

I’ve tried many Michelin 3 starred restaurants and enjoy that decadent, delicious experience. Some are clearly better than others. Some seem creative, but don’t really hit those taste buds in a way that overwhelms. And this currently has no stars (too new) unless count the 2 they got 10 years ago.

My favorite was the The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare.
Second was Guy Savoy. Third was The French Laundry.

I could mention many more - but those were the ones that just tickled my taste buds the most. You likely know what I’m talking about - when you and your guest(s) have one taste and you feel compelled to look at each, wide grins and go “Wow.” Or “Holy shit is that great.” “Oh!”

There was a lot of that at Melisse. Which I give a tie, sharing top honors with Brooklyn Fare. I might even give the nod to Melisse - but I really eat at both again.

The highlights?

The oyster with green tomato anglaise (fresh is not a taste, but in this case I can’t think of another term - vibrant, bright, refreshing, fantastic). the Chestnut Soup with whipped Black Truffle - wow! Big flavors, balanced, the Uni Cromesquis with truffle (my GF was ecstatic as it was a combo of her favorite things - and said it was sex. Really good sex) A beet dish where we were lifting the bowl and drink the last drops, the spiny lobster with a mind-blowingly delicious lobster sauce, and many others.

No more bread. I kinda miss the bread as there were sauces I would like to soak up with bit of bread - but this is a more modern experience (many fine-dining restaurants seem to no longer offer up bread). The good news? I had something like 15 courses (counting the appetizers) and didn’t feel bloated. Also nice because my GF didn’t complain.

Also, they’re doing something a little different with the wine pairings - in that they give you not one wine, but a choice of a white AND red. You can go back forth.

I look forward to many returns.


I’ve brought my own bread to places that don’t have it. It’s like not having wine. The fuck?