Menotti Coffee

Props to Eater for pointing this one out. I had a Cortado (my goto espresso based drink) and it was excellent -proper temperature, well balanced between the espresso and steamed milk. They brew with just a bit of sugar which doesn’t make it sweet but balances the drink nicely.

for the sugar sticks on the side they had a piloncillo which was a nice touch.

Also had the nitro brew (hot) which I had never seen before. That method really brings out the aromatics which made one of there lighter roasts taste like a lemon tea. Not really for me but I imagine some might love it.

All in all I think the cortado was one of the best i’ve had in LA. Up there with Go Get em Tiger and Endorphine for me.


They are on my to do list. Especially the secret menu drink Caffe Rico

Is Menotti’s drive-worthy?
I live in Echo Park.

Is it that much better than options available in Echo Park to justify a drive?
Otherwise, I will just try to hit them up when I pass next.

Menotti’s window in Hollywood is near my office so I walk over somewhat regularly. Really like their espresso drinks a lot, particularly the piccolo - which is what most places call their cortado, with no sugar added. I prefer it that way, personally.

Like @aaqjr I also didn’t love their nitro brew (I had mine cold), but did find it interesting.

@Starchtrade - personally I’d say the one in Hollywood at least is not worth a special drive, particularly considering all the great coffee in your neck of the woods. I think the typical drinks at Konbi, Triniti, and Andante are just as good as the ones I’ve had at Menotti’s Hollywood. Great stop if you’re in the area, and notably better than Intelligentsia, Groundworks, and R+D nearby though.

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Thanks for the shoutout.

It wasn’t even on my radar honestly until I saw the post. I will def go back for that cortado. It’s right next to B&B Hardware for people who know that area

should also give a shout out to Espresso Cielo in SM mostly because they use 49th Parallel Roasters which make my favorite espresso blend