Mezza - Cerritos (formerly in Culver City)

Thanks to @bulavinaka for pointing out where Mezza moved after they had to leave their Culver City location. I had them bookmarked for a while and finally had a chance to visit them this weekend.

We used to love them in CC and remember exchanging multiple replies on CH with bulavinaka as he liked them too.

We went for a late lunch on Sunday. Place was only a quarter full despite a very well priced all you can eat Sunday Brunch that had a varied selection.

Service was as warm and friendly as we remembered. The pita chips and zataar was as tasty as remembered. My wife loved their zataar and was attacking it. We ordered the beef schwarma and gyro, sides of hummus and babaghanoush. The meat was well seasoned but both were a touch on the dry side. We got seated at 1:30 and possibly due to the low volume of customers, the meat might have sat on the spit for too long. We could see right into the kitchen and they had three of the spits going and the outside of all three looked cooked. It is entirely possible that’s why what we got was dry.

Overall, we enjoyed it. The portions were hearty, good value for the price. They just aren’t destination worthy. If they still had this near Culver City, I’d drop in regularly like I used to, especially since they offer some great happy hour food and drink specials. Additionally this space is so much more spacious and comfortable compared to the CC location, they even have a bar.

We chatted with the waiter and he used to work at the CC location. He mentioned they would be moving soon and would be closed for a month. They were just moving down the street to be on Pioneer.

Here’s their website. Pics still show their CC store front :laughing:

Dang it, forgot their link

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Thanks for posting your visit. I too wish they were still around. I always considered them to be a solid place for food. And since they were the only legit Lebanese eatery in that part of town, I was so happy that I didn’t have to head out to NoHo or Glendale areas.

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Ditto. When we used to live on Robertson and Pico Mezze was the best option for Lebanese. Always enjoed their falafel, gyro, schwarma and mezze. Saved us considerable time fighting traffic to either get over the hill or trek to Westwood for similar options.

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