Mh Zh (Silver Lake)

This place has made me a pea lover. (That sounds weird phonetically, unless you see it written in black and white. I fully expect the peanut gallery here to have a jolly old time with that statement. But whatever.)

The peas and stracciatella, while a simple sounding dish, epitomized the KISS principle. Peas were “farmers market” fresh, and were properly plump and sweet, redolent of spring. I’m not even sure these peas were cooked (maybe just kissed by the fire). And the stracciatella complemented it perfectly – rich and creamy – providing the perfect umami accent to the fresh peas.

There were also other dishes we tried, lamb ragoo [sic] as well as a roasted beet salad, but the peas, those damn peas, stole the show.

Mh Zh
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urine luck


That name alone pisses me off.


no man is an island, but when you pea, urination


Something something “European”

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and it might ‘whet’ my appetite.


How is the shawarma cauliflower?

Didn’t try it.

Oh, shame. Just the peas? Anything else worth getting?

Also, any idea of this place’s hours?

Or if the meat items like cote de boeuf are actually veg versions?

Paraphrasing Stephen Colbert and addressing so many on this board, this is a golden opportunity to shower praise on the flood of yellow journalism. Keep it flowing guys - it’s slowed down to a trickle.


Place just got a 3 star review from LAW.

Want to try it but the lack of proper seating seems annoying and sounds like there’s always a pretty decent wait since they dont’ take reservations.

Fucking bitch.

It is my favorite place. It was packed enough as it was. Now? Sigh.

Hey, at least you still have some time before the review from LAT comes out.

update? lookin for a date spot

Depends if that is the vibe you are going for, i.e. may have to stand in line for a bit, then sit on crates to eat. Could be charming or it could rub the date the wrong way.

my date is down with all that provided the food is all that. what’s the food feedback?

Food is very tasty if you don’t mind a side of silver lake snobbery

Also as 99% of the seating is outdoors bring a jacket since it’s getting chillier at night

deal broken, thanks i dont get cold but aint trying to eat cold food.

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