Mian-Hot and Spicy Noodle Soup

Went to Mian in Las Vegas the other day and ordered their hot and spicy noodle soup–it was excellent. They did not dumb down the heat level as many Szechuan restaurants do for an old white man, despite my saying extra, extra spicy and raising my hands over my head pointing to the ceiling! I am assuming the San Gabriel location is the same. The price was $8 and change; very reasonable (even including my $3 tip for excellent service) for what was a full meal for me.


I’m forwarding this to my Vegas friends! They always want Chinese when in L.A. :slight_smile:

Well, we certainly have plenty of excellent Chinese in LA–that is mostly in the San Gabriel Valley. Besides Mian, there is Chengdu Taste which is also in Vegas–in my opinion the Chengdu Taste in San Gabriel Valley (both locations) is better than the one in Vegas, although the Vegas one is good. Other Szechuan, such as Szechuan Impression, have not yet made it to Vegas. Vegas has plenty of mediocre-touristy Chinese too. I think Yelp in Vegas does a pretty good job in rating them.

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