Michelin 2018


Benu (San Francisco)

Coi (San Francisco)*

The French Laundry (Yountville)

Manresa (Los Gatos)

Quince (San Francisco)

The Restaurant at Meadowood (St. Helena)

Saison (San Francisco)


Acquerello (San Francisco)

Atelier Crenn (San Francisco)

Baumé (Palo Alto)

Californios (San Francisco)*

Commis (Oakland)

Lazy Bear (San Francisco)

SingleThread (Healdsburg)*


Adega (San Jose)

Al’s Place (San Francisco)

Aster (San Francisco)

Auberge du Soleil (Rutherford)

Bouchon (Yountville)

Campton Place (San Francisco)*

Chez TJ (Mountain View)

Commonwealth (San Francisco)

Farmhouse Inn & Restaurant (Forestville)

Gary Danko (San Francisco)

Hashiri (San Francisco)

In Situ (San Francisco)*

Ju-Ni (San Francisco)

Keiko a Nob Hill (San Francisco)

Kenzo (Napa)*

Kin Khao (San Francisco)

Kinjo (San Francisco)*

La Toque (Napa)

Lord Stanley (San Francisco)

Luce (San Francisco)

Madera (Menlo Park)

Madrona Manor (Healdsburg)

Michael Mina (San Francisco)

Mister Jiu’s (San Francisco)

Mourad (San Francisco)

Octavia (San Francisco)

Omakase (San Francisco)

Plumed Horse (Saratoga)

The Progress (San Francisco)

Rasa (Burlingame)

Rich Table (San Francisco)*

Sons & Daughters (San Francisco)

SPQR (San Francisco)

Spruce (San Francisco)

State Bird Provisions (San Francisco)

Sushi Yoshizumi (San Mateo)

Terra (St. Helena)

Terrapin Creek (Bodega Bay)

The Village Pub (Woodside)

Wako (San Francisco)

Wakuriya (San Mateo)


My humble self has been to one 3 stars, two 2 stars, and 3 1 star.

I wouldn’t return to the 3 stars (TFL) unless I was an invited guest and didn’t care what it cost and didn’t have to sit in traffic to get there.
I’d return to either of the two 2 stars in a minute (Acquarello and Commis).
I’d only return to one of the 1 star (Commonwealth) any time, but would pass on Michael Mina (my two visits since he has been on California St. have been totally uninspired, but not bad), and Bouchon.

Conclusions - I need to get out a bit more often and leave Oakland and Berkeley to eat, and I am clearly not important enough nor have a refined enough palate to appreciate the genius that is all things Thomas Keller.

Your not the only one re: Thomas Keller. Been to TFL twice, and the second dinner was a fairly close duplicate of the first (despite bring a few years apart) plus $1250 for 2.

I am surprised Single Thread did not get 3*. I also think Atelier Crenn should be 3*. I put it at the same level as COI and Manresa.

curious as to what those (like robert) who’ve eaten extensively in l.a’s thai town make of kin khao.

Kind of a bad joke to give it a Michelin Star.

But the food is edible.

Give the choice, I wouldn’t eat at Kin Khao over a single spot in LAs Thai town.

But if you’re stuck in SF and craving Thai it’s at least a good option.

hmmm that seems extreme…what do you dislike about it?

The flavors of the food.

Bad joke also to award a Michelin star to Ju-Ni, Hashiri to an extent, and Omakase

Kin Khao is beyond bad. Went once and Pim wasn’t there, and her executive chef was on his way out (who worked at Manresa for a little bit). The green papaya salad was essentially a split between super sour and super salty, and another dish excessively spicy with no nuance whatsoever (I’m sure that is not how one does “Thai spicy”). The Tiger beer was the best thing that night (and one of the dishes that had raw veggies). I’ll take overpriced fusion ethnic food at Slanted Door, Straits Cafe, Crustacean, brand name places like Hakkasan and M.Y. China over Kin Khao anyday…

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As everyone probably knows, Pim T. was appointed as the head chef of Nahm in Bangkok. I wouldn’t expect that if she ran anything less than an excellent Thai restaurant in the US. Of course, the question of what will happen with Kin Khao with her in Bangkok is an open one.