Mister Jiu's

The theme of the night was bland, overpriced, chinese food.

crispy scarlet turnip cakes
I’ve had better in every dim sum restaurant, and the olives on top didn’t help.

dutch crunch BBQ pork buns
These were okay, slighty crunchy and sweet

prawn toast
Pretty good

cheong fun with dungeness crab

hot and sour soup - dungeness crab, wood ear, green garlic, nasturtium
Not hot or sour

mustard green salad - asian pear, date, sunchoke, spiced walnut
Is it bad if the salad was the highlight of the night?

wontons - pork, sichuan peppercorn, monterey squid

liberty farm peking duck - pancakes, peanut butter hoisin, cucumbers
Kind of dry and not crispy

dan tat

sugar puffs


I think the egg custard is a Portuguese-style version (aka Po Tat).

Could have been, the menu read “Dan Tat - Macau-style egg custard tart”. Either way, it was flavorless.

Thanks for taking one for the team. Sounds like a real disappointment.


[quote=“PorkyBelly, post:1, topic:5201”]
Is it bad if the salad was the highlight of the night?
[/quote]For you? Definitely.
I was out of touch in February and missed your reports. I did a search and found this one :frowning:. I’m going to find another one to get the taste out my mouth. #whenfusiongoeswrong


I’m heading up north again soon. Has anyone visited since @PorkyBelly’s report? Bill Addison seems to think it has improved.


@chandavkl enjoyed his dinner


Had a really good meal there last night, party of six so we were able to try a lot of things. Standouts for me included the chicken foot terrine (like head cheese), the chilled beef tendon, the whole trout, the hot and sour soup, and the insanely good prawn toast, which included bacon and trout roe. They were out of the lion’s head meatballs, custard tarts, and black sesame cake.

The only dud was the oxtail soup, which had a very insubstantial broth with little flavor. It was underseasoned, but adding salt didn’t make it good.


Went back last night. The orange chicken wings ($14) had great flavor and texture, what sweet and sour should be, just a little sweet and balanced.

Prawn toast ($9, didn’t take a photo since I thought I had last time) was as good as the first time. Roe and bacon make the dish. This would be a great snack if you were just getting a drink at the bar (was overflowing at 8:00 on our previous visit, but only half full when we walked in around 9:30 on a Tuesday).


Pork wontons with squid ($22) were excellent, could almost have passed for Italian.


Pork and butternut squash potstickers ($16) were tasty but kind of dry rather than juicy as I was expecting. I’m not sure the squash was a good idea.


Wagyu sirloin fried rice with crispy garlic, broccoli, and shaved tuna heart ($24) was fantastic. The fried-rice episode of Ugly Delicious has a scene with Brandon Jew making it. If I order it again I might ask for extra broccoli, there was just a little and it added a nice texture.


Pork lion’s head meatballs with black trumpet mushrooms, nettles, and pine nuts ($27) came unexpectedly wrapped in savoy? cabbage, which made them seem a bit Eastern European. Interesting and delicious broth. Good but I probably wouldn’t order again. I have to get back to Shanghai in Oakland, haven’t been for years.

Given the quality of the ingredients and cooking, $112 before tax, tip, and drinks seemed like a reasonable price by current San Francisco standards. Excellent eclectic wine list.