Modo Hawaii Popup @ Mitsuwa Torrance

You forgot Nagomi Cake House

That’s a impressive day of work!

The only thing I would add to this most impressive list is mochi at Chikara. You are a legend.

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But since you’re at Chikara already, might as well bang x bang 2 stores down and get Sakura-Ya’s Handmade Mochi as well! So @A5KOBE can eat 7 dessert places in 1 run, and lunch and dinner. :stuck_out_tongue: (That’s @J_L @PorkyBelly level bang x bang now.) :wink:


LoL might as well. YOLO!

Went on Saturday. Got there around 1 pm and was expecting a long line but we only waited about 15 minutes which is not bad.

From the top: coconut sugar, lilikoi (passionfruit) and honey glaze. I liked them all. The honey glaze didn’t taste strongly like honey though. It kind of tasted like the glaze you get on a glazed raised donut but less sweet and slightly floral. Coconut sugar only had a hint of coconut.

The texture and chew on these is really good though. Wish it was closer to me (or maybe not because my husband and I ate all 6 in one day).


King’s Hawaiian apparently also started making mochi donuts…

I’ll have to check that out sometime. King’s Hawaiian is hit or miss but I’m always down to try a donut.


After Tendon Tempura Carlos Jr, got a 6 pack. Pandan, raspberry, and honeydew sugar. Honeydew sugar was my favorite. Very airy and chewy though oddly filling. Can’t eat as many of these as I would regular donuts. Line was about 10 minutes at 5:30pm on Sunday. Couldn’t finish them all and closed the box about an hour after we got them but they’re a little soggy, how long are you supposed to leave the box open if you don’t finish it?


Heads up for anyone headed there this weekend - the wait is twice as long because one fryer is out of commission

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