Molise, La Locanda, Bojano, near Campobasso (truffle country)

The joke in Italy is that Molise is the province that does not exist. But it does exist, and about 40% of Italian truffles come from Molise. Many of the truffles are shipped to Piemonte and falsely labeled. But we went to La Locanda which is very popular because it is inexpensive. It was a very inauspicious place that I never would have gone into if I had not read about it, and it was full of locals at lunch. It was summer black truffle season and the pasta with truffles was generous with the truffles, as was every dish that had truffles. It was very good, I’d like to go back in the fall for white truffle season. Don’t mistakenly go to Risorta Locanda del Castillo which is nearby.
Via Colalillo 266,
86021 Castellone Boiano, CB, Italy
+39 334 157 8117
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