Monterey Park Food Trucks

I noticed a line of 4 or 5 food trucks selling food on Atlantic Blvd in front of Ralph’s parking lot around 10pm last night when was driving home after dinner at a nearby restaurant. Judging by the crowd standing around the food trucks and sitting on the street eating, they are doing reasonably good business. Anyone knows what kind of food they serve and if the foods are any good?

Taiwanese snacks

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Kembo’s yelp page suggest that they are quite popular with one yelper buying $29 worth of food for 2 people that they can not finish. A photo of their menu was also included. Any idea how the food tasted?
Also anyone know what the other trucks are selling?
In the past, I have also noticed a few evening food trucks working on Valley blvd off the Shun Fat Supermarket parking lot. Any intel on those?

The one time I saw a food truck parked on Valley Bl. by Shun Fat it had a ticker tape display that said “chorizo” and “burritos”, followed by Chinese and Vietnamese lettering, so who knows what that means. After the Kembo truck was knocked out of business for several months last year by that errant driver, some taco truck came and took its spot, and I’m guessing that it stayed in front of Ralphs even after Kembo came back.

I’ve seen those taco trucks. They have tongue, tripe, etc., listed on a scrolling ticker in English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese. Brilliant! The first one I saw is usually parked on Valley in front of the SG Superstore lot and I’ve seen another on Atlantic.

Chinese food trucks are, um, just kind of dumb.

Dumber even than other types of food trucks.

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I would normally agree but most Taiwanese places close so damn early (I usually get off work at 10ish) as a late night option I won’t complain.