Montreal dinners -- advice please!


I will be in Montreal for about 4 full days, attending a conference at the Le Centre Sheraton Montreal. I will not have a car, but am willing to walk/taxi/uber to dinner, and will likely be dining alone most of the time (not an issue for me; I am female and middle aged). I have not been to Montreal in decades and am just beginning to look at neighborhoods and restaurants. I would love lunch options near the hotel, since the conference is all day and I doubt I’ll be venturing far. I try to eat sensibly for lunch, so healthy options would be really welcome!

For dinner, I’d love at least one quintessential wonderful dinner in Montreal – I eat just about everything, but can’t really tolerate very spicy food. Don’t eat offal. Love French, Italian, Japanese including sushi, would love some great Chinese, plus whatever is a good example of local cuisine and cooking. Price is generally not a problem – probably don’t want to spend more than $100 including a couple glasses of wine, but I am flexible. I have lived in Los Angeles for years, so we have almost everything here, but if there is a particularly good ethnic area where I should try something, I’d really like to know (for example, Ethiopian or Middle Eastern or Indian).

Thank You!

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Found these. Don’t know how current they are. A few of the chefs I’ve heard of. In particular, hyperactive Chuck Hughes seems to be everywhere.

Have fun! Give us a report.

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Thanks for the links! I also looked at some other sites, and after much dithering, have booked Ferreira Cafe, Hvor and Bouillion Bilk. Moishes and Toque! were early front runners, but I’d like a bit less formal. Any missteps here? Plan to try poutine (so much for the sensible lunch) and Arthur’s and Viateurs also. Very excited to try everything.

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Very nice. Have a great trip. Post some pics if you feel like it.

P.S. Yes… gotta’ have some poutine.

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I remember salivating while watching the Mind of a Chef (on PBS) episode where David Chang & Aziz Ansari went to Wilensky’s Light Lunch for fried bologna sandwiches!

If I were going, I’d also stop by Joe Beef (which is also featured on that same episode). Seems like a fun, gastropub-y environment. From what I can gather, their menu changes quite a bit, but there are pics on Yelp that should give a good idea of their typical offerings:

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I saw that too :smile:. Good memory.

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I ended up with 3 very excellent dinners at Cafe Ferreira, Hvor and Bouillon Bilk, as well as indulging in a bagel taste test between Fairmount and St. Viateur (a tie, of course), a good salmon salad at Mandy’s, and a filling, satisfying Eggs Florentine at Universel. I also ate at Brigade Pizza and Joe’s Panini, the latter of which is a nice quick stop for a working lunch, the former offering up a way too watery pizza, whose only redeeming characteristic is that it is baked in a Naples oven.




For anyone searching in the future:

Just back from a week in Montreal and by far the most incredible meal was dinner at Foxy. I had been to lunch at their well-known restaurant, Olive et Gourmando in Vieux-Montreal, which was solid. But after 5 nights of good, but not mind-blowing meals off the Eater 38 list, decided to do a little more digging and found Foxy. It’s similar to Gjelina (in Venice, CA) in many ways, and has a full bar. Here’s their menu, which changes seasonally:

I also recommend Moishe’s, a steakhouse:


I second Joe Beef.


joe beef, joe beef, joe beef.

i’ve been twice, loved both meals. hoping to go back again this summer.

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whoops! didn’t notice this thread was last active last summer. anyway, joe beef is my favourite high-end/french-derived restaurant in north america. cannot recommend them enough to anybody going to montreal. (i’ve written up both my meals: here and here.)

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