Morimoto... Chelsea

Never thought I’d find the best sushi deal in town at Morimoto of all places!

Behold the chirashi bowl


That’s packed with goodness!

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Issa fine and bountiful bowl :yum:

Ohhh thank you for sharing that loveliness.

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Awwww Crap :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, need a new chirashi spot

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Damn! Ryan Sutton’s 2015 EaterNY review! I didn’t know Eater hired writers with such bitchy, wickedness. The folks at EaterLA seem so tame. :smile:

Anyway, sorry for your plight @Sgee. Let us know when you find a suitable replacement.

Eater LA writers > Eater NY writers … (@euno @matthewkang)

@TheCookie I know just when I discovered it tooo :cry:


Yah, it was kinda’ funny but he tried too hard to be vicious. Too obvious. Anyway Morimoto looks really chic and even bitchy Ryan admitted some of the offerings were delish (my word). :cry:

Hey now, Ryan is a buddy of mine and I admire his work/perspective. :slight_smile: But appreciate the kind words.

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