Morro Bay/Los Osos

Not a lot of info on Central Coast stuff, so I thought I might contribute.

Partner and I spent a night in Morro Bay. Airbnb host recommended Libertine (brew pub). Very casual, no mixed drinks, and there was live music on Fri. Bartender was very capable. Food was… okay. The to-chos were a take on nachos, but with tater tots as the starch (instead of chips). It’s hard to go wrong with tater tots, but the dish wasn’t quite decadent enough to be a guilty pleasure. BTW, the half portion was ENORMOUS. The fish and chips were just kind of sad. @spockspork commented that the fish deserved a better end. Indeed. The fish was nicely cooked, but the crust was both overcooked and a bit soggy, and even the fries were limp. Shrimp tacos (not pictured) were fine

Partner found Pagnol Bakery (, I have no idea how. The place literally seems to be a house located between to other houses in the middle of nowhere. We had the brioche, croissant, and olive and rosemary pain levain. This place is offbeat and quirky, and I mean that as a compliment. Croissant was too bready, but the thin/long squirt of chocolate was tasty and done “correctly.”. The brioche was supposed to have apricot and lemon (I think). I detected only vague fruity-ness. The brioche was also more like a corn muffin than a brioche. Having said that, I actually enjoyed it; I just don’t think that they should call in a brioche. Pain levain had a lot of olives and was tasty and a bit addictive. Would go far out of my way for this, but it’s def worth a visit if you’re nearby. Only the pain levain is pictured.

Hit Ruddell’s on the way to Monterey. The seafood is still a smokey delight, but it didn’t send me the same way it did when I first had it 2 yrs ago. The slaw was a bit overwhelming (to the point where it masked a bit of the flavor from protein), and I think the marlin taco from Coni’ Seafood has ruined me a bit (with its deep smokiness). Still enjoyable, though.

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We did a quick trip to Morro Bay this last February. A lot was forgettable but I did enjoy Tognazzini’s Dockside Too.

Nothing special, we just got clam strips, a fried fish sandwich and clam chowder. That being said, the fish was really fresh and well fried, good produce on the sandwich, fries were real crisp and clam chowder was on the right side of thick/gloopy.

On the way back to LA we hit up Old San Luis Obispo BBQ Co for Santa Maria style tri-tip (sorry, no pictures). The ordering/pick-up was a bit of a cluster but man, that was a good sandwich. I was worried the beef would be dry and oversmoked but it was incredibly tender and just the right amount of flavor from the fire. Also, not sure what pinquito beans are typically like as a traditional Santa Maria BBQ side but the ones served here were particularly meaty with a good gravy.

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Dockside 2 is where we always eat in Morro Bay. We were just there for Labor Day on the way back from Cambria.

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Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up with it but I realized I really like a basic fish sandwich and chowda. The dockside view of otters is a nice bonus, too.

If you have any other recommendations in that area I’d certainly welcome it!

Great croissants and baked goods at La Parisienne in Morro Bay.
More in link:

Blue Heron in Los Osos is very good, local farm produce etc. Good burger, fresh scallops in brown butter and a delicious pear tarte tatin. Simple menu but every item we tasted well prepared and nicely plated. Peaceful location by the bay.

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Was up there a couple weeks ago and picked up a few dozen fantastic locally farmed oysters at Grassy Bar Oyster Co. Price was better than the nearby competition and you could buy a half dozen shucked to sample first. Had some fried clams and picked up some delicious angel shark at Tognazzini’s Dockside while we were in town but glad we brought our own shucking gear and could enjoy dinner with a view.



Looks heavenly. :slight_smile: