Mother Wolf

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Warrior: overall, this is the best Italian meal I’ve had in LA. Perhaps the best pizza, spaghetti aglio e olio, and whole branzino I’ve ever had. The salads and prawns were first rate too. The gelato was good, but we both prefer Osteria Mozza / Chi Spacca’s gelato. 6.8 Warrior Points. I’ve been feeling weak from my diet recently, so it’s good to finally have a cheat meal.

Peony: all the dishes were executed well tonight. I like the meal more this time than last visit and enjoyed all the food.


Had a very enjoyable dinner at mother wolf. Highlights were the squash blossoms, mortazza, and pizza. Unfortunately no panzanella because out of season.

Squash blossoms were incredibly light and delicate for being fried and bursting with ricotta. Reminiscent of a high end jalepeno popper sans heat.

Mortazza was a great ftc rec. mortadella along with the ricotta, pistachios and lemon zest were an unbeatable flavor. The dough was crunchy but chewy and not nearly as charred as their Roman pizza renditions.

I loved the calabrese pizza; however my partner thought overall the pies are too charred. The nduja/Calabrian chili oil both had spicy fermented kick. Will have to try their margherita next time.

Our amatriciana was Al dente but not extreme Al dente have some posters have mentioned. It was also a heaping portion which countered the hefty almost 30 dollar price tag. I ate the whole plate in about 2 minutes flat cause we were in a big hurry due to them forgetting our order.

Both suppli and fennel salad were very tasty.

Only hiccup was they forgot our pasta but they ended up comping us that and a glass of wine. The service was super professional and attentive especially during their snafu even though we were in a rush it made us feel ok about the situation. I actually want to highlight the service because it was some of the best we’ve had in recent memory. From the waiter, bussers, runners, and manager everyone was super friendly, attentive, but unobtrusive. I never even had a fully empty water glass.

The dishes do come fast and furious; however they were coursed out and we didn’t have a 3 plate hitting the table situation. But we also tend to eat quickly and were in a hurry. I could see how some people feel rushed and you might just want to order a couple of things at a time to extend their windows.

Will definitely be returning.


bestia and wolf power rankings forthcoming?

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Per @PorkyBelly request

Apps - bestia
Pizza - mother wolf
Salads - bestia
Pasta - bestia (but I’ve only had one at mother wolf and it was damn good)
Mains/dessert - bestia (I haven’t had any mains or dessert at mother wolf so quite unfair)
Service - mother wolf

I’m still team bestia all the way but I def am going back to mother wolf so this power ranking wlll be revisited.

Just over all I feel like bestia has a broader range of flavors which I enjoy. Even tho funke is only going for Roman-esque food I personally enjoy variety.


Going to Mother Wolf for the first time. We are a party of 4 omnivores but do not eat huge quantities. What are must order dishes?
Probably looking at a 2-3 appetizers (thinking prochetta, squash blossoms, prawns), one pizza, one pasta (thinking spaghetti all’arabbita) , maybe one main (or maybe mortazza)?

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Even if you don’t eat a ton I don’t think 1 pasta would cut it. Probs bump that to two and get one red sauce and one non red pasta?

Def add the mortazza to the mix

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porchetta, squash blossoms, prawns, panzanella, mortazza, and spaghetti all’arrabbiata

Mortazza for sure!

Polpette also worth consideration in your appetizer list. The pastas were not small, you don’t need to double up on them if you’re not big eaters. If you were getting a smaller main like the arrosticini you might benefit from another pasta or appetizer. If you go mortazza it’s pretty substantial so I don’t think you’ll need more. We definitely got too many pastas thinking they would be smaller like at Felix and it was too much

Enjoyed Mother Wolf very much. Appreciate all the suggestions.
Ended up ordering bruschetta alici burro, squash blossoms, prawns, spaghetti, pizza classica, mortazza, all’arabbitta mezze maniche cinghiale. Paired with Pavese Ermes Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle and Gulfi NeroMaccarj. Food was excellent, except for all’arabiata being a bit overcooked, I would have preferred a bit more al dente. Mezze maniche was perfect.
Service was impeccable, better than many michelin 3* i have been to. I did ask them to course the dinner and pacing was perfect, wines poured, plates changed, and super friendly as well. The space is beautiful too.
On the Bestia vs Mother Wolf, I would say it is a tie. Both are quite good. In my opinion, flavors at Bestia a bit bolder and more interesting.
I am happy to dine at either once in a couple of months.