Mother's Day 2018


Steakhouse or German (preferably Austrian), no other ethnic food of any kind. No more than 15 - 20 minute drive from Culver City. Not crazy expensive (i.e., Cut, Craft, etc.). Then again, I’m thinking the Palm or Lawry’s, so I don’t know.

Do you all find yourselves in this position all the time? Because you’re “the foodie” (:fu:) ?

Hatchet hall has steak


bel campo or charcoal or Wilshire


Is she picky? If so wouldn’t it be better to cook?

If you can convince everyone else, I second Wilshire for this situation. It’s neither a steakhouse nor German, though. It is kind of a decent crowd pleaser.

Coincidentally, Wishire is the site of the shuttered Knoll’s Black Forest Inn which was German and absolutely fucking amazing.

If you can get people to drive a bit, I’d do Jar.

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Mother’s Day won’t have traffic, so I’ll second Jar.

Then Wilshire or Belcampo - but they’re just as far as Jar is, from CC

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Maple Block for 'Q.

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Any recent reports on MB? Last I heard (couple of months ago?), there was a downlill alert.

Are you high?



But since we’re on the topic, have you considered Fogo de Chao in Bev. Hills? Or is the Brazilian vibe there too ethnic for her? Come to think of it, there are lots of German descendants in South America…

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Maybe too far from Culver City but consider Parsnip in Highland Park.

Care to explain that snotty comment.

This place sounds wonderful. It will not do for Mother’s Day due to distance and because we have more or less about 12 people.

But I will definitely visit with the lady of honor another time. Thank you for the recommendation!

What snotty comment? !


Seems self explanatory to me.


“Are you high?”

Good point re: traffic. It will be a lovely and fast drive to Jar from pretty much anywhere in the city!


didn’t notice that on a recent visit (a month ago maybe?)

Did you have the brisket?