Mr Taster's Coming Back to visit LA! Notable additions in the past 2 years?

And often fewer yet in Rosemead. Too far a drive for Westsiders I guess :wink:

I enjoyed the lamb ribs at Shanxi Noodle House in Industry.

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Little Fatty Take-Out in Mar Vista is soft opening. Chef David Kuo was previously dishing out rotisserie-heavy food with Taiwan inflections at its former incarnation (Status Kuo). But now, by the looks of the new Little Fatty menu, it appears that he has fully gone over to the “Dark Side” (AKA full-on Taiwanese mode).

And this is good. There is zhajiangmien (not the Korean type), scallion pancakes, beef noodle soup, and Taiwanese pork chop. Status Kuo’s delicious signature Sunday Gravy stays intact, though.

Have a drink at Accomplice Bar (right next door!) as you wait for your food. Or take up the challenge of Chun Li in a game of classic SFII on their arcade console.

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i need to go to the ESGV more than i do.

I need to go to the ESGV more than I do. A caveat on Taste Guizhou (because I don’t want someone whining or complaining afterwards). I am in no way saying that’s a destination restaurant. I listed it as a unique or different one. How much you enjoy the few Guizhou-style dishes will depend on how much you think you’d like Sichuan only minus the ma la, numbing peppercorns and replaced by a liberal splash of vinegar.

The weird thing is this is the second Guizhou-style place in the ESGV and it duplicates few Guizhou items from the first, since closed.

you actually have me more intrigued - but then while i seek to experience authentic ethnic cuisines, i don’t expect to love it - i still have very little affinity for wuhan cuisine - not that much more for the spicier chinese cuisines either. part of it is finding out various cultures do with indigenous ingredients and what they do to make them palatable.

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Ohmigod, making it to Fairfax can be a hassle, if you live west of the 405. Seriously, it takes me 20+ minutes to go the 2 miles to Westwood sometimes!

But reading this list makes me so jealous. Will have to try some of these recs soon (esp since the weather’s cooling down!).

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those look pretty good

just tried newly opened (3 weeks) nadi myanmar cafe in alhambra replacing indo kitchen (which i always wanted to try but never got to do so).

they’re still figuring stuff out, with a limited menu so far:

but they’re adding stuff as they go. chickpea tofu will go onto the menu shortly. i asked about the lack of tea leaf salad on the menu and they told me that they just got fermented tea leaves and they made a complimentary tea leaf salad which was a bit spicier than i’ve had before, but everyone at the table loved it. it was literally popping with flavors and textures. the chef told me they like to eat it over rice as a quick meal.

the wet kali zar described as pork intestine cooked with masala is more accurately described as pork offal which was mainly liver. be warned.

more pics and info going into the “WSGV updates” thread.


Mostly bone and some meatier than others but the flavor was great. I enjoy the chew of these ribs and the heat was just right. I would order them again along with their lamb noodle soup.

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