Mukden Dumpling in Glendora (aka Luscious Dumpling)

I was surprised to hear that a Chinese dumpling restaurant had opened up in the Chinese enclave of Glendora. Humor aside, I was intrigued, so we went there for lunch.

My sharp-eyed buddy noticed that the menu was the pictures and menu items exactly like the one found in Luscious Dumpling in San Gabriel. We inquired, and the staff informed us that the owners of Mukden Dumpling are siblings of the owners of Luscious Dumpling. They are supposedly using the same recipes. As far as we could tell, the recipes have not been altered for non-Chinese patrons.

It wasn’t crowded at all. For people who live off the 210 and/or farther east, this is much more easily accessible than the other two locations.


they’ve also opened a branch in highland park on figueroa near highland park bowl. the prices are higher, called… mason’s dumplings.

Yup and I hear they sell out pretty quick.