Multiple photos of the same dish

Unless it’s something super special, would posters consider posting only one photo of a given dish? Going through them all gets a tad tedious. Something to consider? Thanks.

Nope. I want you to enjoy it from every angle, also extreme close-up and fast edit. :slight_smile:


People usually post multiple photos only to show details. Scrolling past doesn’t seem like much of a problem.


Details from every single dish? Oh please.

Sometimes a close-up comes in handy, then other shots show you the complete dish. I like it.


If you don’t like someone’s posting style, skip their posts.


Kind of like having to scroll through all the off-topic posts.


Off-topic? Like photos of toilets?

And, robert, I’m as entitled to my opinion as you are to yours. Right?

I’m not sure what you mean. Without calling someone out can you give an example? Is it the exact photo of the same thing? Showing a whole spread then a close up of each dish? Showing it as a whole then showing it cut open like your prime rib? What do you mean?

Let’s say someone has eight dishes. There will be a picture of the dish. And then there will be a little bit closer picture of that dish. The first one was close enough to see really whatever the second one did. So maybe just show the second one. If there are eight dishes, then we have 16 of the food. And at least a couple of the entrance/foyer and then the now-obligatory one of the toilet. I like seeing the food but my eyes glaze over and I stop reading about the dishes themselves. You’d never see this in a ‘real’ review. One should, IMO, want to hold the attention of the reader. Less is more? Write to inform/entertain rather than garner a bunch of atta-boys? Again, just my opinion.

If a post violates the terms of service or site etiquette, you can flag it.

Some people like to post a lot of photos. That’s their business.

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I like multiple photos of dishes . It helps my creativity when cooking . Plus having the money shot .


Never said it wasn’t. And never said it shouldn’t be allowed.

Well, Cath dear… you’re a crackup and you help keep things lively. But the list of what you want and don’t want posters to post is getting longer and longer. Keep in mind this board was not created in your image. If it was most of the photos would look like this.


You left yourself open on this one, babe. :wink:



As the saying goes “opinions are like assholes; everybody has one.” :slight_smile: I didn’t expect nor I have gotten any vehemence. I spoke up. That’s all. I think sites grow and improve when people speak up. Hell, I think that’s true of life :slight_smile:

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Would you appreciate posters giving their opinion on what they think you could stop doing to improve the site?


Well, I didn’t name any names. It could be a number of people. There’s quantity and quality and sometimes they overlap which I love.

Right, but you started a thread in your name to criticize other posters. I actually think it’s funny. But you gotta’ expect some blowback… right? Or did you expect everyone would agree?


And you’ll notice that I actually use most of my name :slight_smile: I think dialogue is great whether I’m agreed with or not. I understand that many people don’t like disagreements but I learn so much that I wouldn’t if everyone agree. No problem at all.

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