Musubi, Spam and otherwise

Anyone well versed in the ways of musubi that can give me some advice?

I’ve never made them, but I’m planning a party at a park and thought they might be just the thing. Also making Kalua pork sliders and a platter of deviled soy sauce eggs.

Looking to do some classic Spam musubi. Recipes would be fine, but seeking any technique/tools advice.

Also, enough vegetarians will be in attendance that I’ll need some non-meat options. They can be Spam-ternatives like Tofu or they can be more traditional onigiri.

I’m a n00b in general and I’ve never made musubi/onigiri ever. Advice on ingredients, technique, and how far in advance I can make these would be most appreciated.

I’m also aware theee is a Korean cousin to onigiri and would be interested in learning more about those, if anyone has experience.

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But expensive nori sheets. Good nori that is tender. This is most important.

Use really good short grain rice. Another really important step.

Buy a musubi press. I prefer wood but plastic will work.

Can make early in the day, make the rice way early so you are working with room temp rice. I like seasoning with furikake. I also glaze my SPAM with Mr Yoshidas, but teriyaki SPAM works too. I would roll them just before leaving for your event.


Thank you! I’ll look for some Mr. Yoshida’s at Marukai.

Here’s what I do:

I make it pretty regularly as I can have all the ingredients on hand.


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they sell the musubi press at Marukai, save yourself some trouble and get the non stick version. makes everything easier to make.

i usually go with the rice-Spam-rice then wrapped in Nori. Most of the Spam musubi you see at the restaurants are usually rice then Spam on top and then wrapped in Nori.

i usually do a furikake on the spam and that’s it. but if i want to get fancy i make scrambled eggs and put it with the Spam so it would be rice-Spam-egg-rice wrapped in Nori.


I bought my masubi presses from Daiso…they work well. It so easy that I have my kids make their own masubis. For vegetarians, may I suggest a filling of eggs seasoned with soy sauce and green onions?


I’m not sure if you are referring to jumak bap, bit I make these all the time out of leftovers (I learned this from Peter Meehan’s 101 Easy Asian Recipes).

They are very easy and you can make them the day before, then let them come to room temperature before serving. It’s simply rice mixed with a bit of oil and meat, vegetables, eggs or nori. I had some photos of ones I’ve made, but can’t find them.

Here are some links you may find helpful.

This video from Tastemade came out the other day, She says use the spam can for your rice mold.

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I can’t see why a ‘non stick’ one gives any advantage.

I think cooking the Spam in soy sauce and sugar add immensely to the flavor. And I use quite a lot of furikake under and over the Spam.

As an aside we’ve found that they MW quite well so we plan for leftovers.

Thank you all!
@attran99 great idea re: egg
@Bookwich Yes! Jumak bap. Thank you.

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when i was making it with the regular mold, the rice would stick and i had to keep the musubi mold a little damp to keep it from sticking.

I’m trying to picture that. Only the ends aren’t covered with nori and when I press down nothing sticks. I’m not saying there’s not a grain or two or rice but I can make six without ever cleaning it off. Here’s the kind I have:

The “press” part of the musubi mold gets rice and gets sticky when you’re pressing down on the rice.

I press it quite hard (and I don’t have strong hands). I’m guessing the compacted ‘volume’ of the rice must pull it off the plastic. But whatever works for you.

Also, toast the nori sheets over open flame. Wave them back and forth over the open flame to lightly toast them, maybe 20-25 times back and forth per sheet.

I also love putting umeboshi hijiki salad in mine but the hijiki comes from Japan so I only have it when I bring it back or someone brings it to me.

And don’t skimp on the SPAM, I like nice thick slices of SPAM in my musubi. Get a nice crispy crust on the outside of the SPAM slices, then glaze and let cool.

I think al ingredients should be room temp, so a little logistical coordination is involved, especially for the rice to cool down. But if the rice sits too long, it may get dry. Let the rice cool and then cover with plastic wrap. Should be good for 10-12 hours.

Also, have a bowl of water handy to wet your hands and clean your press (if using plastic).

Make some extra SPAM so you can snack on mini SPAM rice balls while making them. :joy:


You. You’re a pro, my friend. Thank you.

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How funny that something so simple can be ‘done’ so differently. I put the fried Spam in a warm oven where I keep until and after I assemble. And I use the rice warm. Super interesting re toasting the nori. I have an induction cooktop (no flame) so am unlikely to fire up the grill. But it does sound good.

If I’m going to make Musubi at home, I’m using either headcheese or Scrapple in place of Spam.

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I love headcheese and have never had Scrapple. Here are some other options:

As I mentioned, I always have all the ingredients on hand so that’s a plus.

Interesting! For this round (kids party at a park) I’ll go with the basic tried and true.
Next time, I will try that out.