My Fricasse brings all the girls to the yard

wine from Lou the god


That looks so, so very edible. I also like the plate in the background, with the greens.



i will if you promise to make it.



Er, that’s why one like to see a recipe. To find out if they’re interested in cooking something.

Great closeup. Now I don’t know whether I want the greens more or the plate more. :thinking:

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I like the way you roll, @Nemroz!

marinate, then brown chicken, take them off

sautee shalots until light brown, add sundried tomato, then add garlic, then add pickled tomato, then add olives, deglaze with white wine and some apple cider vinegar, or sherry vinegar, or add brandy if you have it

then a few raisins and a couple of the dates.

steam some potatoes

put meat back into the pan, put sausages in pierced (chicken apple and pork fig and pear used here from huntington’s)

add the amazing stock you made last week. let simmer slowly, covered… add potatoes when they’re mostly cooked, peeled (cut in half, squeeze move works well)

add rest of raisins and dates

dump a kilo of parsley at the end. drink too much

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Love it! Thanks. May I ask a couple of questions? I’d never heard of “pickled tomatoes.” Is this something you buy and is there a brand? Also what kind of olives? We’ve got family coming in about a week so the recipe and the “drink too much” sounds just perfect. Thanks.

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pickled tomato is a completely random addition… i’m not a chef so i just try to use whatever i have around that isn’t being used… and since the french dish calls for some tartness i thought it’s a good idea and it was… pickled tomatos are huge in russian and armenian kitchens but i think i see it at every supermarket.

i think darker olives are traditional… not pitted … not black but more like the kalamata ones. capers too.

honestly, just make up whatever sounds good as long as you have salty, sweet, sour, savory covered