N/naka - Modern Kaiseki

Had another excellent dinner at n/naka. Loved the scallop, zensai, sashimi, foie gras, A5 and the spaghettini as always was fantastic.

The sushi on the other hand, to put it nicely, seemed rushed. The knifework was sloppy (there was a tear in one of my pieces), and the rice wasn’t formed properly, almost falling apart when I tried to pick it up. Surprising, since everything else, including the sashimi, was executed perfectly.

Saki Zuke - hokkaido scallop, sturgeon caviar, avocado puree, snow pea, baby turnip, chive flower

Zensai - halibut shimeji yuzu aioli, renkon tempura with curry sea salt, tako wasabi, shishito pepper, white fish and miso sauce, pickled watermelon radish, apricot with plum jelly

Modern Zukuri - maguro, beet puree, nori sauce, avocado and chive sauce

Owan - maitake, baby corn, dashi


Yakimono - foie gras, unagi, shiitake, balsamic vinegar, strawberry

Agemono - sanddab, ogo, tomato, lemon verbena foam, tomatillo soup

Shiizakana - spaghettini with abalone, picked cod roe, truffles

Niku - miyazaki A5 wagyu

Sunomono - lobster, tomato, cucumber, yuzu curd

Shokuji / Sushi

Cherry pistachio financier, genmaicha ice cream, black rice cracker


3455 Overland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 836-6252


Did you see Chef Niki? I thought she was on vacation in August?

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Hi @PorkyBelly,

Thanks for the report. Was the A5 overcooked (it looked a bit overcooked in that photo)?

And that sushi looks kinda bad. :frowning: There’s some mangling there, and the rice was already falling apart in some of those photos.

But overall, it sounds like a good meal. One of these days I might go…

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How do you get a reservation? Every time I try online, it’s fully booked.

Any pictures or memory of the latest sake menu by chance? Curious what they are offering these days.

you keep trying until you get lucky. or at least that’s what I did. and by keep trying I mean every Sunday at 10:00am, synced to time.gov

Yes, Sergio was in the kitchen.


If you’re flexible, signup for notifications using the Resy app.

It looks a bit overcooked, but the cut is so fatty it’s usually cooked to medium to render all the fat.


sorry @beefnoguy, i didn’t get a picture of the menu.

Not sure it matters that much.

Niki is the visionary in the kitchen, leaving the actual execution primarily to Caroline.

Caroline the same person as Carole?


In the spirit of striving to push forward, we are thrilled to announce our new reservation system, Tock.
Reservations are scheduled for release on August 4, 2019 at 10:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time.

looks like they’ll be utilizing dynamic pricing.

Guests may choose between a modern kaiseki for $225-275 or vegetarian tasting for $200-225.

I guess I got lucky going when I did when it was like 150/160. This price point puts it pretty out of reach for all but a very select few. I don’t blame her; the fact that reservations are sold out speaks for itself.

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After several attempts, I was able to secure a reservation in December. Has anyone been this year?

By 10:01 all the seats were gone.

BTW I had emailed with them before booking and they had no trouble accommodating a no pork no shellfish “kosher style” dietary restriction.

I recently had the best meal I’ve had in LA at Somni, so excited to try another of our heralded spots.

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I went in June.

I went in May. Still great!

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And… they’re sold out