Napa wine tasting small producer recommendations?

Hi - (first post here, after years of mainly lurking on CH) - my wife and I are headed up to Napa for the weekend to see a concert. I don’t know Napa very well compared to Sonoma. I think I’ve done the right type of searches in the archives here.

Can folks recommend good places to do tasting of smaller wineries? Ideally I’m looking for something similar to Locals in Geyserville - are there any places like that in Napa Valley? Silenus just north of Napa has wines from small distribution vintners, that is one option, but we’ve been there in the last year and would prefer checking out other places. Any similar tasting rooms up towards St. Helena? Ideally hoping for similar price points to what Locals specializes in, mid 40s and down.

I know Napa town has many tasting rooms and wine shops - can anyone recommend ones that specialize in tasting smaller producers?

Other than that, I’m planning to see if we can get in at Pride Mountain (which is more $$$ than my preferred range, but I’ve wanted to check it out for a long time) on Saturday, and would be interested in other recommendations.

Thank you!


Outland in Napa is three small producers: Farella, Forlorn Hope, and Poe.

… and Welcome to FTC!

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