Need bay area recs for a friend

they’re going to be in berkeley, oakland, sf. interested in good sichuan or thai (frame of reference is twin cities). mid-budget sushi also of interest (say $80-100/head). slightly urgent as they leave tomorrow…

Thai: in SF, Lers Ros on Larkin (not the other branches), Isan Classic, Hawker Fare. Imm Thai in Berkeley, Larb Thai in El Cerrito.

Sichuan: Z&Y in SF, Chengdu Style in Berkeley, China Village in Albany.

Sushi in that price range, maybe Uzen.


how do the sichuan places compare to sgv? or the thai places to thai town?

If you regularly eat at the great Thai and Sichuan places in LA, you’d have no reason to seek out either cuisine when visiting the SF area. You might want to get some Burmese, Uyghur, and Laotian.

this is not for me. i’m just trying to get a sense of how to calibrate their expectations.

They should expect a step down from the best of Thai Town and SGV.

Sort of an odd week to say this, but Nash Cafe, which serves Wuhan cuisine (sort of a cousin of Sichuan), is quite good.

A guy from HK highly recommend Easterly, but I have not yet been.

Nari for something you can’t get in thai town

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Have you been? I wasn’t very impressed by Kin Khao.

got my reservation