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Overall Siu Yeh is a great menu/experience. Highlights were the pickles, the allium condiment on the zucchini, and the pork jowl (but honestly every single skewer course was an absolute knockout, except the cherng fun, which I’m sure was well-executed but just not my thing). Minced pork rice bowl is skippable, particularly if you’re worried about not being able to eat that much food - it was good, just not outstanding. Almond jello is likewise not my thing but I’m not going to try to tell anyone here that it’s not the best thing since sliced bread :wink:

I do think I saw a fellow FTCer paying their compliments to the chef before leaving after their 6pm dinner :slight_smile:

I am a bit worried about the sustainability; there were a couple empty bar spots for the 8pm seating and tomorrow’s meal still has seats available as well. I don’t mind paying $100+ a head for skewers but it did come to mind as something that might not see enough takers to fill up 20 seats a night. I hope it works out, though.


Agree that Needle’s Siu Yeh pop-up is a force of nature. Chef Ryan and Team Needle’s balanced pacing, cordial service and output of dishes were superb for our entire 6pm service. It is quite a bit of food. I am super glad I didn’t sit down (stood at the counter throughout): Being vertical the entire time really helped me eat more. Photos to follow.


Glad my eyes weren’t deceiving me!


Come say Hi next time!

I will next time!

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Ran into @noddles @PorkyBelly @NYCtoLA tonight.

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That skewer! :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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hi @moonboy403,
how was the pork shoulder compared to the belly? also what’s the mosquito sitch? thanks.


Same great flavor but the shoulder in these skewers has a more bouncy texture as opposed to the soft, fluffy, yet melty texture of the pork belly which I prefer.

I keep wearing shorts when I go to Needle. Got 3 bites this time. Rookie mistake.


I would be pissed at whoever photobomb their skewer… :joy:


Reservations go live tonight at 2200.

delicious siu yeh at needle.

@PorkyBelly power rankings sponsored by @rlw

  1. chicken thigh, ginger scallion sauce
  2. pork shoulder, char siu, honey
  3. pork meatball, sacha
  4. cherng fun, sesame, hoisin
  5. oyster mushroom, spicy salt
  6. zabuton, black pepper sauce
  7. pork jowl, black bean sauce
  8. zucchini, allium condiment
  9. octopus, curry
  10. minced pork rice bowl
  11. okra, lemon

shout out to the watermelon agua fresca

watermelon agua fresca

shrimp chips

okra, lemon

octopus, curry

tomato, cucumber, sesame

oyster mushroom, spicy salt

chicken thigh, ginger scallion sauce

wood ear, snow fungus, chili oil

minced pork rice bowl

pork meatball, sacha

zucchini, allium condiment

pork jowl, black bean sauce


first cut pork shoulder, char siu, honey

zabuton, black pepper sauce

cherng fun, sesame, hoisin

sergio ryan and bryan

first cut pork shoulder, char siu, honey
so good we had another :heart:




Where does their red bean ice with oat milk rank?


The one quibble I had with my Siu Yeh (and if this was the one quibble, then I had a damn fine time overall) was that the ice should have been finer-grated here. The larger chunks of ice in my glass made for uneven melting, and threw off the overall balance of texture and tastes.


Good piece!

Always good to check on this.
Smog too.


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Are all of the tables and standing counters outside? Would you have been full if you didn’t do the supplements?

Yes, and yes.

The minced pork rice was OK - Anyways I think that for me, minced pork rice has always resided more squarely within the Macanese or Taiwan oeuvre, rather than Cantonese.

I love the almond jello and so got 2 of those. #EatYourFruitsAndAlmondsAndAgar