New Favorite Whole Bean Coffee - Muddy Paw in Silver Lake

Continuing the discussion from Dog-Friendly Restaurants:

I’ve found some very good whole bean roasted coffee in unexpected places. My last favorite was the whole bean French roast blend at Larchmont Bungalow. But I have a new favorite: the Italian roast at the new Muddy Paw in Silver Lake.

It’s a very dog-oriented shop, with a nice back patio. Lots of gluten-free and other food. I tried the blueberry and lemon muffin, which had good flavor but was dry and fell apart due to being gluten-free. I also tried the bacon quiche, which I liked, but the crust didn’t do it for me.

The Muddy Paw website says that for every bag of beans they sell, they make a donation to animal rescue charities.

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Thanks for alerting me to the Muddy Paw, @lilmikey! I read recently that they did a fundraiser for Luxe Paws, a great rescue organization, but I didn’t investigate them further. I’ll definitely stop by and pick up a pound of coffee.

The gluten-free food might come in handy - should my doctor at Cedars decide to make me ditch gluten again.

Too bad the crust on your quiche wasn’t so great. Sometimes I feel that quiches are more successful without the crust since they can be so tricky.

I hope your doctor clears you for gluten, and your health is quite good as I enjoy your contributions…plus my dog would probably like to play with yours. Just in case your doctor recommends gluten free I believe crustless quiches are gratins, Of course you would have to skip the breadcrumbs if you have to be gluten free.
Perusing the “gratin” references online they appear to be limited to “potatoes au gratin”. In France I believe a gratin is a crustless quiche.

Good to hear about the great coffee. Thanks lilmikey! I will make it there!

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Thanks for your kind words as always, @ebethsdad! Yes, hopefully I can continue to indulge in all the gluten-filled goodies. Previously, my doctor at Cedars put me on a woefully restrictive diet that prohibited the fun things in life: gluten, dairy, sugar, and tons of fruit and vegetables. Those were three very long, austere years!

Ah, crustless quiches is an excellent idea! That’s interesting that they are referred to as gratins. I hadn’t come across that before.